Boston International Film Festival
                       Session 3
Thursday June 7, 2007    4:00PM TO 6:00PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

LA Noir    (10min)

In breakout performances, Cris Judd and Staci Flood star in a
suspenseful tale about a writer/working stiff who chases after a
mysterious woman haunting him throughout the day, only to find that he’
s the one being stalked.  A unique, poetic and thought-provoking short
film, LA Noir blends Bukowski inspired poetry, the Twilight Zone, Film
Noir and French New Wave to deliver a hybrid writer Ricardo Acuna likes
to call “existential horror.”

Writer & Co-Producer:  Ricardo Acuna
Director:  Conrad Jackson
Chris Judd, Lead Actor; Voice-Over
Conor Colwell, Cinematographer/DP
Producer:  Jed Rhein
Executive Producer:  Paul Huff
16mm/ U S A


Push    (16min : 52sec)

Four lives intersect: A homeless woman leaves a life of luxury and
chooses a life of poverty; Rico, a callous criminal; his brother G, a
talented musician living in his brother's shadow who dreams of a
different life; and Paolo, who was born and raised in the same
neighborhood, is indebted to Rico, and although he is afraid of losing his
family, he has no choice but to repay his debt by participating in a bank

Director; Producer, Loris Lai
Executive Producer, wilma d'andrea
Giorgio caputo, Lead Actor
Carola Stagnaro, Supporting Actor
Vladan Radovic, Cinematographer/DP
matteo Carlesimo, Additional Photography; Camera Operator
35mm/ Italy


Anonymous    (20min)

Anonymous is a love story, a love in a daydreaming universe, with no
time, no reference of any concrete place. Fred and Laura's love.

Alvaro Ramos, Lead Actor
Luz Altamira, Supporting Actor
Writer:  Alvaro Ramos
Feng Shui Films
Producer:  Francisco Ramos
Executive Producer:  Hugo Serra
DigiBeta NTSC
Nacho Garcia, Co-Writer; Story By
DigiBeta/ Spain


Nevermore    (1hour : 3min)

In his younger days Helge Block used to be a skillful and respected
fisherman, but nowadays he hardly brings any fish back home. The
people in the village have turned their backs on him and his beloved son
Jonas. But nonetheless they lead a happy life in the small fishing hut by
the sea. But one stormy night Helge sets out to fulfill an old mysterious
dream: To bring back “the silver of heavens” – a large catch for his
starving son – and never returns. Thereupon little Jonas Block has to
undergo the painful hardships of poverty, puritan austerity and loss.
Slowly the little boy loses his smile and starts to embitter. But then a little
miracle happens – at the magical place where heavens and sea become

Manni Laudenbach, Lead Actor
Rolf Becker, Supporting Actor
Writer:  Nina Vukovic
Director & Co-Writer: Toke Constantin Hebbein
Producer:  Manuel Bickenback
Sylvester Groth, Lead Actor
Leonard Proxauf, Lead Actor
Felix Novo de Oliveira, Cinematographer/DP
16mm Super/ Germany

16mm Super
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