Boston International Film Festival
                 Session 27
Tuesday June 12, 2007    2:00PM TO 3:15PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Fall Apart (7min)

A young women finds that getting rid of an ex-lover is more challenging that
she could have ever imagined.

Writer, Director, Producer & Executive Producer:  Scott Willis


L’huomo (17mins)

On the last day of his grandfather’s life a boy has no choice but to Accept
life in death and become a man.

Hellfish Films

Deface (20min)

Deface is the story of Sooyoung, a faceless factory worker in a small town
in North Korea who stays quiet and follows the rules. But when his daughter
dies of starvation, Sooyoung is driven by his outrage to vandalize the large
propaganda posters that decorate the town. Hoping to inspire change,
Sooyoung risks his life to deface the billboards, repainting the messages to
reflect a more truthful take on contemporary North Korea. He manages to
avoid capture by the newly formed “Anti-Graffiti” patrol, but when Sooyoung
sees his actions lead to the arrest of local innocents, he must question to
what end do his rebellious actions really serve. Will Sooyoung continue his
campaign of revolution or will the government silence another individual

Writer; Director & Executive Producer:  John Arlotto
Producer:  Roman Wyden


The Letter (21min)

It has been three long years since Stepan last saw his family or heard from
his wife. Stepan, a Soviet Army soldier, spent these three years fighting
fascists in a partisan unit while his wife and two children considered him
missing-in-action, or even dead. Once in an army hospital and awaiting his
leave after an injury, Stepan decides to find out just how much his wife
loves him. He writes a letter in which he tells her that he has had two legs
amputated. Now that he is a legless cripple, will Shura accept him back? On
receiving the letter, Shura does not hesitate whatsoever. Together with her
eldest son she starts putting together a wheelbarrow in which she is going
to haul her legless husband home from the train station. Stepan arrives...
but there is a betrayal awaiting...

Writer:  Matvei Jivov & Tatiana Sarana
Director:  Matvei Jivov
Producer:  Andrei Fedulov
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