Boston International Film Festival
                         Session 26
Monday June 11, 2007    8:45PM TO 10:10PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Cuba A Lifetime of Passion (1hour : 76min)

“Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion” is a feature length documentary
which highlights current Cuba, it’s revolutionary past, and its
coming transition. We view behind the scene political
of the Cuban revolution rarely seen outside of this secretive Island
nation, as well as an insiders look at Miami Cuba. The Cuban
situation is highlighted through the eyes of Cubans who have lived
through the
current Communist regime as well as those who have been 'exiled'.
We see Cuba from the point of view of confirmed pro-Castro
Communists, as well as through oppositionists in Cuba, and those
who have been “stranded” in Miami in “exile”. We also get
perspective through
the US Department of State in Washington DC, and from known
academics and authors.

Director; Producer: Glenn Gebhard,
Co-producer: Brian Sisselman
Writer, Juan Santamarina,
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