Boston International Film Festival
                     Session 25
Monday June 11, 2007    7:30PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Reconstructing Creole (56mins)

Reconstructing Creole offers an unflinching view of culture, race and history
on one Louisiana plantation. In August 2004, an electrical fire burned away the
Victorian additions to Laura Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, leaving the
original Creole house. A young team of builders reverse engineers the
unusual structure—a blend of African, French, and Native American building
techniques. As restoration begins, the memoir of 19th century plantation
mistress Laura Locoul Gore opens up a world of slavery and society balls, of
race mixing and family bonds, of cruelty, love, and joie de vivre. Her home, her
life, exemplify how and why Louisiana culture is different from the rest of
America. Scenes include: A brick mason working on the restoration realizes
“this is where my people are from.” An assistant plantation manager meets the
'black branch' of his family for the first time. From Laura's memoir, a former
slave describes how Laura's grandmother branded him when he ran away.
Laura meets her mixed-race nephew at a St. Louis society ball, prompting her
to write the story of her life in Louisiana. Reconstructing Creole weaves past
and present with music by 19th century Creole composer Louis Moreau
Gottschalk, as well as original works from Louisiana musicians Bruce “Sunpie”
Barnes, Mitch Caponetto, and Adam Kennedy. In the memoir of a Creole
matriarch, and the restoration of her old plantation home, a Louisiana legacy
comes to life.

Director, Producer & Executive Producer:  Jennifer John Block
Fresh Media, LLC
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