Boston International
           Film Festival
                     Session 24
Monday June 11, 2007    4:45PM TO 7:00PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Freedom at the Edge (27mins)

Based on true story, shocked at the plight of a 77 year old
man, who languished as undertrial in a mental hospital in
Assam for 54 years without a single Cout hearing.Machang
Lalung of Silchang,Assam,was a very hard working farmer
and was arrested in 1951 when he was 23 years for an
offence under Section 326 on Indian Penal Code.And from
the jail he was again sent to mental hospital,where he
suffered incarceration for 54 years.But there is no records
regarding his crime or the reason for shifting him to mental
hospital.At last at the age of 77years,due to intervation of
National Human Rights commission , Machang was
released 0n June 2005.
As he arrives back at his ancestral house in Silchaung, he
realises that all his old companionss are dead.At home
every one knows him as a lost man.

aneisha sharma; Director (1st Project);Producer
Sibanan Boruah, Cinematographer/DP


The Orange Chronicles (97mins)

After the US Presidential Election, disillusioned Ukrainian-
American filmmaker, Damian Kolodiy, journeys to his family’
s homeland and finds himself in the middle of the Orange
Revolution where he witnesses the true meaning of
democracy. ORANGE CHRONICLES focuses on the
passionate people who filled the frozen streets of Kyiv in
protest of an unjust election and the corrupt government
that created it. Narrated by the filmmaker, who volunteered
as an election monitor, the documentary captures the
revolution from the inside out, and in the process, Kolodiy
rediscovers his own modern Ukrainian identity as does the
country itself.

"The Orange Chronicles"  A documentary by Damian
Kolodiy and Peter Zielyk. Produced and Directed by
Damian Kolodiy. Edited by Peter Zielyk.
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