Boston International Film Festival
                        Session 23
Monday June 11, 2007    2:00PM TO 4:30AM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

The Knife Grinder’s Tale (15min)

Ogwang, a knife grinder, has lost his son to an angry mob. Not
knowing the place his son lost his life; Ogwang sets out on a journey
to understand why. Along the way, Ogwang’s memories take us back
to how it was his son went to work in the biggest slum in Kenya,
Kibera. Entering Kibera’s boulevards Ogwang finds the place where
his son once worked, Mama Lucy’s Fish Shop. There, Mama Lucy
show’s Ogwang the exact spot of his son’s death. D.J. was murdered
for his cell phone by mistake. They thought he was a thief. Leaving
without real answers, Ogwang is mistaken for a thief for his bicycle
and is also murdered.

Writer, Director & Producer: R.L. Hooker
Producer: Chiara Paglieri & Greg Helvey


Memories of Rain  (120min)

Memories of Rain tells the story of Jenny C. and Kevin Q., two South
Africans, she from the white world, he from the black, who fought as
commanders in the intelligence service of the armed wing of the
African National Congress (ANC) against the Apartheid government.
The film is not a historical study of the armed struggle of the ANC but
the story of two people’s personal experiences, of how they grew up
and became involved in the underground, of their goals and ideals,
and of the struggle to maintain these when confronted with the dark
side of a military conflict. It is the story of a life spent in exile, which
leads Kevin through the ANC military camps in Angola and Jenny
through intelligence training in the former German Democratic
Republic in East Berlin. But it is also a story of working underground
inside South Africa itself, of a life spent in camouflage, of being cut off
from normal society, a life of self-discipline so rigid that it threatens to
destroy spontaneity, and leaves no space to live the empathy, which
motivated the young cadres in the first place. A life where the
individual’s needs succumb to those of the collective; a life of
overburdening responsibility and of being driven to further and further
extremes. In the attitudes and experiences of Jenny and Kevin, and of
those around them, a picture emerges of humanity and bravery, of
dedication and sacrifice. But their lives are fraught, too, with pain and
guilt, with doubt and disappointment as the contradictions of the
armed struggle unfold around them.

Writer & Director: Gisela Albrecht
Director, Producer & Executive Producer:  Angela Mai
Angela Mai Film Productions
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