Boston International Film Festival
                        Session 18
Sunday June 10, 2007    1:30PM TO 3:00PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Apostatize (6 minutes)

A world that promises hopes but hands disappointments, the story is
an attempt to aware the audience for a growing problem in our society.

Director, Producer: Francesco Oldenbourg


Cough Drop (15 minutes)

Ten-year-old Kate is has confusing parents; her self-absorbed father
is charming and attractive and her anxious mother is loving and
controlling. One day after school, Kate is asked by a strange man to
take a ride with him. Encouraged by the unknown man’s kind words
and easy manner as well as the excitement of doing something secret
from her parents, Kate decides to make her first break from mom and
dad’s guidance adn take a different route home.

Director: Adi Refaeli

House of the olive trees (29 minutes)

Anna has constructed a world for herself, in which cicadas obey her
signal to sing and her feelings lay suppressed under her tight grip. Her
safety net unravels when Markos floats into her life. Their relationship
is going to be put to the test during a trip to the seaside.


Empathy (38 min)

A woman who is frustrated with her marriage decides to leave her
husband, a lawyer, following a traumatic attack on her. In the morning
of his most important case, he finds himself alone with their physically
and mentally disabled son. A Russian immigrant loses his job and has
his car stolen on the same day. He has difficulty communicating with
his teenage son, who ends up being coerced into committing a crime.
A young woman accidentally finds herself in a difficult situation and
faces a moral dilemma. An Arab man, whose daughter has been
severely wounded in a car accident, deals with mental and financial
difficulties in paying for medical treatment. 'Empathy' deals with the
human trait of judging people without seeing the full picture.

Director: Adi Refaeli
Assistant Director: none
Collaborator: none
Producer: Adi Refaeli
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