Boston International Film Festival
                       Session 17
Sunday June 10, 2007    11:00AM TO 1:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

George Washington (22 min)

The most momentous events in George Washington’s life unfold in a
vivid 20-minute action adventure movie. Packed with action, drama, and
even a little romance, “We Fight to Be Free” introduces the real
Washington as the “indispensable man” who was responsible for the
survival of this country. The Revolutionary War is the primary setting for
the movie and serves as the point from which the other scenes of
Washington’s life are illuminated as “flashbacks”. Cameras capture the
moment when George and Martha fell in love, scene that dispels the
elder statesman icon and brings Washington to life. We see young
Washington defining moments of the French and Indian War, cheating
death and portraying leadership. The Crossing is shown with realistic
visual effects.

Director: Olga Arana
Producer: Craig Haffner
Co Producer: Seth Isler, Olga Arana
Executive Producer: Rick Brookwell


Civil War (15 min)

It seems like an ordinary day; it's overcast, there was no milk for
breakfast, another boring field trip...but things are nothing but ordinary
for Sam when she gets to Gettysburg. Life will never be the same when
you become a casualty.

Director: C.C. Webster
Producer: Erin moore


Courage Doesn’t Ask (12min)

COURAGE DOESN'T ASK is a movie about honor, duty and service in
the military, and the courage it takes to serve, no matter who you are or
what you do. The storyline of COURAGE DOESN'T ASK begins in an
Army hospital as a wounded gay soldier is fitted for an artificial leg. As
he recounts how he lost his leg, he flashes back to a hail of mortar fire --
some soldiers are wounded, others killed; these scenes are emotionally
exhausting. COURAGE DOESN'T ASK focuses on the mission of the
military and asks the question, 'If our national defense is really an issue,
don't we want to engage the best and most dedicated people to defend

Director: Joe Acton
Assistant Director: Ben Dobyns
Producer: Joy Saez


In the Foxhole (23min)

On a Mid-Western farm, the wheels of destiny turn for retired Major
Duke Lars as his boy enlists in the marines. This single action pushes
family bonds to the hilt as Duke struggles to find himself, his family, and
what it is to be a father.

Director: Jairaj Walia
Collaborator: Joe Frio
Producer: Anthony Marks


War of Words (14min)

Donnie, G.W., and 'The Dick' are three American soldiers so fed up with
their situation in the desert they decide to go AWOL. As they trudge
through the heat, they discuss the nature of the war. The catch is, they
only speak using the eloquent words of President George W. Bush, Vice-
President Dick Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
This political farce is at times hilarious, but overall it's just very sad.

Director: Leif Lillehaugen
Collaborator: none
Producer: Darlene Lillehaugen, Leif Lillehaugen
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