Boston International Film Festival
                           Session 15
Saturday June 9, 2007    9:00PM TO 10:15PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Lyrics of My Life (25 min)

Marie LaFontaine arrives to Boston from France in hopes of reuniting with
her husband Bernard, the love of her life, and resolving the mystery behind
divorce papers that she has recently received. Bernard came back to the
United States 3 months ago to care for his sick mother. Marie is confused
and determined to salvage their marriage.  Upon her arrival, she finds
herself alone and engulfed in an altered reality. As if she has entered a
dark dream into another dimension, she is surrounded by strange
occurrences; trapped in a nightmare that will affect her life forever.  

Lead Actor: Guila Clara Kessous
Supporting Actor: Daniel Kerrigan, Anna Codur, Fethi Bendida, Stan
Edelson, Janet Llavina, Rita Parisi and Franco Trombino.

Writer; Producer; Director – Patrick Jerome
Bway 7 Productions
Associate Producer – Jean Desire
Assistant Producer – Janet Llavina
Production Assistant – Fethi Bendida

Waste Land (21min)

Mary, a young woman in her early twenties seeks the help of a psychiatrist
in dealing with the continued physical attacks of what she knows to be a
demon, an unworldly evil force. During such attacks she relives eposides of
her youth and the painful denial of her parents. We watch her self distruct
in the presence of the demon. The psychiatrist suggests that she verbally
rebuke the demon and on the next attack she does just that, finally
releasing herself forever. It's about the redemption of human dignity and
the freedom from the fears and constraints associated with past physical
and mental trauma.

Writer, Director & Producer: Rebekah Chaney
Collaborator: None
16mm Super

Death Requiem (30 min)

Nathan Chapel has little time to live. A reclusive writer and illustrator,
Nathan has developed a cult following for his comic book, “Death’s
Requiem”. He spends his time smoking, drawing and withering away from
cancer. Nathan harbors a voyeuristic obsession with his neighbor Sarah,
attempting to capture her life through his own work. Sarah is self-
destructive, teetering on the edge of a fragile existence and deeply
involved with a married man. As the reality of Nathan’s mortality
encroaches, the subject of his work, Death itself, appears to haunt him.
Nathan must confront his greatest fears and his impending doom. Nathan
ultimately commits an act of self-sacrifice in order to save Sarah,
inadvertently giving her life new meaning.

Director: Marc Furmie
Producer: Tim Maddocks
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