Boston International Film Festival
                           Session 14
Saturday June 9, 2007    6:00PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Bombay Skies (21 min)

American born Anjali runs off to India with dreams of becoming a movie
star in Bombay. Her father, Anand, goes after her vowing to bring her
back home. But when a little street boy takes him on a journey through
the gritty streets of Bombay in search of his daughter, Anand ends up
falling in love with the city he once called home.

Director: Rita Rani
Producer: Rita Rani
Executive Producer: Sushil K. Ahuja


Club Soda (23 min)

Club Soda is a super natural fable based on true events. It is a story of
the struggles that we all face when making the cruical decsisions that will
define who we are and the direction our lives will take. The Kid, Steve R.
McQueen, moves from Boston to NY with dreams of becoming an actor.
There, he is befriended by a group of barflies who all offer their own
brand of advice to help the young 'Brando from Boston'. The kid steals
money from the bar awakeing the supernatural sprit 'James Gandolfini'
which causes him to re-evaluate his life bringing him into conflict with his
friends, and forcing him to make some tough choices and change.

Director: Paul Carafotes
Producer: Paul Carafotes


Backyard Suicide (14min)

The film begins with authentic statements from American intelligence
officials, describing Sweden as a naive country and a home for
terrorists. Then we follow a man from the Middle East through the streets
of Stockholm. At the American Embassy, an operation starts off.
According to their intelligence, the man is a terrorist heading for a
terrorist cell. They follow him with advanced equipment, sending their
troops out into the streets of Stockholm. BUT... Who's a terrorist? Does
the CIA really know? Backyard Suicide is a short about USA's war on
terrorism, and its international implications. As the international hunt for
terrorists goes on, does the USA know what breeds in their own

Director: Mats Karsvall
Producer: Mats Karsvall
Executive Producer: Mats Karsvall


Day on Fire (94 min)

DAY ON FIRE  Is a gaunting portrait of violence. In New York, four women
Go about their lives, oblivious to the menace that is coming their way.
Their Paths intersect against the backdrop of a ghastly suicide bombing
in Israel, And the strange, foreboding wanderings of a mysterious man,
cruising the City for a woman.

Olympia Dukakis
Carmen Chaplin
Judy Kuhn
Alyssa Sutherland
Martin Donovan
Noah Fleiss
Richard Bright
Johnny Ventimiglia
Damian Young

Writer, Director: Jay Anania
Producer: Larry Rattner, William Fisch, Susan R. Rodgers
Executive Producer: Lina Todd
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