Boston International Film Festival
                            Session 13
Saturday June 9, 2007    4:00PM TO 5:45PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Roketboy (12 minutes)

On the same day that Roger Lange [ROBERT PICARDO], a depressed,
middle-aged accountant, celebrates his 49th birthday, astronauts discover
a strange boy who has crash-landed on the moon in a homemade
spacecraft. This mysterious boy claims to know Roger, and so Roger is put
in the uncomfortable position of leading the investigation into this other-
worldly phenomenon. As he reluctantly pursues the answers, Roger
discovers that Rocketboy holds secrets of his past that he may not be
ready to face, reminding him of his forgotten dreams of space adventure.

Director: Justin Guerrieri
Producer: Justin Guerrieri


Congratulations; You Won The Lottery (21 min)

A tender loving lady, in her declining years, is rescued by two outlandish
angles. They escort her royally and with vim and vigor to a life of bliss in
the seventh heaven.

Director: Elizabeth (Leza) Lidow
Producer: Charlie Danek


What’s going on up there? (56min)

People have been talking about space since the first humans lifted their
eyes to ponder the stars. Like many of the technologies we now take for
granted, people have come to see space exploration as something that
happens almost automatically.This film examines the risks and benefits of
sacrifices made on the road to revitalizing the space industry. From hard-
working scientists and environmentalists--even a college student in Kuwait
who wants to be the first Muslim woman in space--to Hollywood filmmakers,
entrepreneurs, psychiatrists, historians, lawyers and pre-schoolers, this
doc offers conversations with professionals and ordinary citizens on all
sides of the space debate. Introduced by Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek), who
once again asks us what Earthlings will do with the final frontier.

Director: Maryanne Galvin
Producer: Maryanne Galvin
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