Boston International Film Festival
                              Session 12
Saturday June 9, 2007    1:30PM TO 4:00PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Saul Goodman (27 Min)
Midnight in an empty rail station, and two strangers await the last train
out of Boston. One, a retired politico with an endless supply of crude
jokes, anecdotes and campaign war stories. The other, a college student
with a high IQ and healthy skepticism. Live footage of a police standoff
plays on the station TV, prompting a lively dialogue. Three increasingly
strange and incredible stories are exchanged that begin to connect and
intersect in unexpected ways, ultimately leading to a revelation that will
prove both shocking and deadly.

Executive Producer:


December 31  (30 Min)

A series of murders took place in a big city. Housewives from
wealthy families were found in their cars parked in downtown,
murdered and robbed of their jewelry that was insured and
normally kept in safe deposit boxes at the bank. The police
were unable to solve the crimes. However, the murders
stopped as suddenly as they started. The families of the
victims put together a $5million reward fund for successful
leads, but even now, ten years since the last murder, no
criminals have been found.

A young journalist, Lily is assigned to write an article
about the tenth anniversary of the crime, due by December
31. Lily’s fiancée, Rich an IT consultant and his friend Jon a
private investigator, suggests that together they can possibly
solve the mystery. Their daring adventure leads them to a
revelation about the complexities of human nature.

Director & Executive Producer: Patrick Jerome – Bway 7 Productions
Writer & Co - producer: Julia Liberman
Producer: Wanju Liao
Associate Producer: Jean Desire

Speed Dating  (81 Mins)

Is the story of James Van Der Bexton as he approaches his 30th
birthday. After the break–up of the relationship with the love of his life two
years previously he has taken up Speed Dating without much success.
Despondent he turns his attention towards a mysterious young woman
who frequents his local pub. In trying to discover more about this woman
he plays at being a private detective with disastrous results leading to
him being hospitalised and amnesiac. James’ mysterious woman
disappears while he remains unconscious in hospital and the police
become suspicious about his involvement. While James attempts to piece
back his memories of that night, he gains a friend, Susan, along the way.
His amnesia allows him to finally put his broken heart to rest and with the
help of his uncoventional family and companions, he sets out to clear his
name, solve a crime and discover who the hell is James Van Der Bexton.

Director: Tony Herbert
Producer: John Conroy
Executive Producer: Ned Dowd
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