Boston International Film Festival
                        Session 11
Saturday June 9, 2007    10:00AM TO 12:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

I love in you (1 min)
A draco is flying over the centuries of years, in Naples. Wounded,
tired, but still fighting against lies, political corruption, criminality.
The videopoetry is in particular dedicated to an event, that the
politics have sold as an event of changing: some big buildings they
have make explode. A big media case, a great victory is what they
have told to us. But the truth is they was unable to cast away
gangs who sell eroin and cocaine have destroyed the a town full of homeless.. A shout to change.

Writer, Director & Producer: Luciano de Fraia
MiniDv NTSC, Pal


Yoga Noga ceyoga (5min 27sec)

Two young monks meditate searching for greater Cosmic Unity.
However, in their quest, become embroiled in an all out
Enlightenment Competition. Yoga Noga Reyoga is a simple story of
being together, separated and reunited again. The two young
monks have dedicated their lives to finding a Greater Unity, to see
beyond their self-centred desires. However, despite such noble
intensions, they become increasingly aware of the others???
activities and they begin to compete, in order to be the ???most
Enlightened???. After a climactic race, they are ultimately left
exhausted, separated and alone. It is only when they come
together and forgive, do they find the unity that they first sought.
The original concept for the film came from an idea born a few
years ago, after numerous encounters with some very wise and
some maybe-not-quite-as-wise spiritual people. A trip to Cambodia
in early 2006, inspired me to turn the concept into a story and
provided the material to begin building the animation. The set was
put together from sketches and photos taken around the temples
in the Angkor region during the trip. The film was also an exercise
for me to learn 3D Character Animation, as well as Sound Design,
and Post Production. It was a steep learning curve, studying from
books and forums as the film was being made.

Writer, Director & Producer: Kengo Kurimoto

The Fridge (2 minutes)


Disturbed (5 minutes)

Traditional 2D cell animation was combined with 3D computer
generated backgrounds,
Which were rendered 2D to match the 2D characters?
Photographs of world famous landmarks
Were also manipulated in Photoshop to achieve a style that closely
matched the 2D foreground animation.
All were then final rendered in 1080p high definition with Flame
added special effects.

Warner Bros. Records recording act Disturbed,
hired production company Todd McFarlane Entertainment
to create an animated music video for their cover
of the highly political Genesis song 'Land of Confusion'.
Terence Fitzgerald, Director; Producer
Joe Goyette, Co producer
Todd McFarlane, Director


Once upon a Christmas Village (15min)

In this romantic musical animated comedy, Santa Claus who is
having his worst night ever has a near miss with Air Force One and
looses his magical pocket watch that has the power to bring life to
inanimate objects and has the ability to stop time. The watch falls
to earth, through a chimney and lands in a Christmas tree. Under
the tree is a beautiful stained glass village with happy villagers
displayed throughout. The magic of the watch brings to life these
plastic villagers as we meet the lovers, Troy and Noelle. When an
unexpected toy arrives (Dragasaurs) and wrecks havoc in the
village, Troy is accidentally taken by train, to the back of the tree.
Better known as the dark side of the tree where no-one decorates,
lays a hidden gift, Sir Evil Medieval and his castle. Troy learns that
Sir Evil and his henchmen are going to melt down the village
people in the Suzy bake set, a gift under the tree, and mold them
into his army. Troy warns the villagers only to be caught by Sir Evil.
Troy eventually defeats the villain and is rewarded with a kiss by
Noelle which proves that the spirit of Christmas was saved with
Loves first kiss. In the end Santa finds his lost watch.

Writer, Director & Producer: Michael Attardi


Tommy the kid (11min 50sec)

Tom is a lonely kid living in an Australian country town. When his
beloved pushbike is stolen by a secondhand goods dealer, Tom
feels powerless to do anything about it. But an encounter with the
dealer's dog gives him an idea. Will hiding the pooch help Tom
reclaim his bike? 'Tommy the Kid' is a lighthearted short film about
life's small victories.

Writer, Director & Producer: Stuart Clegg

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey  
(95 min)

When Thomas, a broken hearted boy loses the treasured nativity
set that links him to his dead father, his worried mother persuades
lonely ill-tempered woodcarver Jonathan Toomey who the children
call Gloomy Toomey to carve a replacement and let Thomas watch.
The commission takes their relationship to unexpected places as
Thomas makes difficult demands on Toomey's ability. As Christmas
approaches, the three struggle to come to terms with each other,
their painful memories and the process of putting their
unhappiness behind them.

Lead actors: Tom Berenger and Joely Richardson
Bill Clark, Director
Producers: Philippe Martinez, Alan Latham and Thomas Mattinson
Emmanuel Kadosh, Cinematographer/DP
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