Boston International Film Festival
                               Session 1
Wednesday June 6, 2007    5:45PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

One Hundredth of a Second    (5min : 20sec)

Kate is a talented photojournalist.  She risks her life to deliver
powerful images to the waiting world, until a photograph of a Girl
changes her life forever.

Director & Writer:  Susan Jacobson
Producer:  Alex Boden
Emma Cleasby, Lead Actor
Heather Cameron, Supporting Actor
Jonny Palmiero, Supporting Actor
Richard Dillane, Supporting Actor
Nic Lawson, Cinematographer/DP
Katharina Birkenfeld, Production Designer
16mm Super/ United Kingdom


Moi    (16min : 48sec)

«MOI» tells the story of Alexis (Emile Mailhiot), a 15 year old boy.
Passionate about cinema and Chaplin, he dreams of becoming a
film director. For Alexis, every dream is possible. But, his life will
collapse the day when, through the gaze of others, he will suddenly
become aware of his reality.

Writer, Director, Yan England
Production Manager, Carole Mondello
Emile Mailhiot, Lead Actor
Linda Roy, Supporting Actor
Stephane Simard, Supporting Actor
Claudine Sauve, Cinematographer/DP
Production Manager:  Carole Mondello
Assistant Director:  France Boudreau
HDCAM, Canada


Whole Train    (1hour : 25min)

Set in a fictional European capital, Wholetrain features multifaceted
performances from Mike Adler, Florian Renner, Elyas M'Barek and
Jacob Matschenz against the backdrop of boldly imaginative and
brilliantly executed pieces from an international crew of writers led
by Bronx native Pure and Munich vet Neon. The story is primarily
concerned with four writers of an up-and-coming crew facing
extinction from a rival crew with an appetite for destruction and a
predilection and a preemptive bombing. From the moment the first
top-to-bottom rolls into the station the graffiti, like a character in and
on itself, threatens to hijack not only the crew but the entire
production before the storyline kicks in and the depth of
interpersonal relationships between the three members manifests
and evolves. In the midst of the overall battle for supremacy the
characters struggle with their own personal demons. David, the
crew's leader, is confronted by his limited alternatives after he's
convicted of malicious property damage while his comrade Tino has
his hands full with trying to nourish his seed. Even as the turf-war
tensions mount the class divide is traversed when David puts a new
recruit down who's also struggling to transform his life into
something more meaningful and fulfilling than the middle-class
existence he rebels against. The original soundtrack boasting the
likes of KRS-One, Freddie Foxxx among others is befitting of the
exhilarating build-up and tragic resolution that's bound to leave a
bittersweet aftertaste in your mouth long after its resounding

Writer, Director, Florian Gaag,
Florian Renner, Lead Actor
Mike Adler, Lead Actor
Christian Rein, Cinematographer/DP
16mm Super/ Germany
Aerodynamic Films
Opening Night Gala Party 9:00pm

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