Session 8               
Friday June 9, 2006    7:45PM TO 10:15PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Circus of Infinity              (10 min)

Baby Violet, a human cannon ball, takes the circus stage for the first
time. But where is the net that will catch her from her fall? This is the
existential core of the film that leaves the audience with more
questions than answers.

Richard Sanders  (WKRP in Cincinnati, Rose Red,
Men of Honor, Valley Girl, Roots)
Wendy Ashford  (Gory Gory Hallelujah)
Angie Louise  (Gory Gory Hallelujah)
Tim Gouran  (8 minutes to love, Love my guts,
Gory Gory Hallelujah)
David White  (Expiration Date, Shadowlife,
Nowheresville, Gory Gory Hallelujah)

PRODUCER: Steve Litwitz


The Cole Nobody knows  (21 min)

Musician Freddy Cole often refers to himself as “The Cole Nobody
Knows' due to the fact that he is the somewhat unknown younger
brother of legendary pianist-vocalist Nat 'King' Cole and uncle of
renowned singer Natalie Cole. Cole’s vocals - suave, elegant,
formidable and articulate - are among the most respected in jazz.
Even though he has been nominated for a Grammy Award and a
recording artist for more than fifty years, Cole has yet to be accepted
into the mainstream public’s consciousness. In December of 2003,
filmmaker Clay Walker, a huge admirer of Cole’s music, approached
Cole with the idea of creating a documentary on his life and music.
Photography on the project began almost immediately. Walker
traveled to New York City to shoot Cole’s performance at the Blue
Note Jazz Club at the year’s end. Over the next eight months,
performances in Atlanta & Los Angeles were also photographed along
with numerous interviews. Featuring never-before-seen performance
material and interviews with jazz legends Clark Terry and Monty
Alexander as well as WCLK radio host Carl Anthony, “The Cole
Nobody Knows” documentary is a playful overview of Freddy Cole’s
music and explanation of Cole’s position within the contemporary Jazz

Freddy Cole
Monty Alexander  
Clark Terry  
Carl Anthony  
David 'Fathead' Newman  
H Johnson  
John Di Martino

DIRECTOR: Clay Walker,


Starvin'                           (26 min)

A young Warsaw business tries to reconcile his newfound wealth and
The short documentary by 3rd Shift Films titled “Starvin” is the story
of a well-traveled hip-hop MC named Krumb Snatcha aka Krumb. The
story of Krumb is one of the great hip-hop heritage and a few
unfortunate shortcomings in his 14 plus years as an MC. In ”Starvin”
Krumb informs the viewer of his place in the world of music. Along the
way he shows and explains how and where he almost died. He also
takes you to the burial location of an MC named Scientifik, who helped
put him on the map in the East Coast hip-hop scene. A trip to his mom’
s house for a plate of fried chicken, collard greens and potato salad
that’ll make you feel right at home with Krumb and his family. In
addition to showing you the world and events that inspire his music,
Krumb takes you to a few studio recording sessions where he records
thought-inspiring hip-hop music. One of the studios he performs in is
the world famous studio formerly known as D&D Studios, now called
Headcourterz. Inside Headcourterz the new owner, DJ Premier, makes
an appearance and explains Krumb’s place in his legendary hip-hop
group Gangstarr.

Krumb Snatcha
DJ Premier

Ryan Thiel  
Scott Thiel


The Latin Legends of Comedy
(94 min)

The Latin Legends of Comedy is a documentary about the top three
Latino funnymen in the country: JJ Ramirez, Angel Salazar, and Joe
Vega. I have watched these three comics perform countless times,
and they always hit it out of the park.

Each comic has been entertaining different types of audiences for
over twenty years, and throughout that time, have remained close
friends, a rarity in an extremely competitive world. The first time JJ did
standup, Joe was there and they immediately became best friends.
When Angel prepared to tryout for “Scarface,” he called the other two
men to tell them about the audition. When Joe discovered a new
venue, he passed the information on to his buddies.

The more I worked with them, the more it bothered me that despite
their individual successes and achievements, they have more or less
flown under the radar. I loved that each of them had their own style,
yet on the same show, they managed to complement each other
perfectly; JJ with his cool attitude, Joe’s classic-comic style, and Angel’
s outrageous antics.

The deserved more, and audiences deserved them…and I had some
credit cards with room on them.

When I proposed doing a film about them, they were excited, but
skeptical; many years in a hard business can add up to many
unfulfilled promises. But after much cajoling and endless mojitos, they
agreed, buying into my passion. They were excited; being headliners
they rarely get to work together.

I shot more than one show for the movie, but ultimately ended up
using the performances that each comic did from the same show. I
didn’t borrow a joke from one show and drop it into another. There is
no laugh track, no gimmicks. JJ, Angel and Joe worked the same
crowd in their own way, and each of them did what they always do –
hit it out of the park.

And I only maxed out six credit cards.

JJ Ramirez,
Angel Salazar,
Joe Vega

(USA) Digital Video

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