Session 7               
Friday June 9, 2006    2:45PM TO 5:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Father's Day              (9 min)

This film is about a man who arrives home to find his girlfriend
standing out front with his eight year-old son.  She informs him that
she has to leave for a few days.  He is reluctant because he never
really developed a relationship with his son. Their argument comes to
a head with Cynthia, his son’s mother, leaving.  He then receives a
phone call from a family member reminding him of his father’s possibly
fatal illness. He has had nothing but bad dealings with his father, and
debates whether he should visit his father in the hospital.  In a
moment of despair he shares his feeling with his son, whose startling
comment brings some enlightenment and calls him into action.  He
gains an understanding of how words spoken in anger affect
everyone around, and makes a choice to visit his father in the
hospital.  There he sees his sister Colette crying outside the hospital
door, and she is both shocked and pleased to meet her nephew for
the first time, but disappointed with her brother for hiding him from
her.  Edward enters his father’s hospital room.  Time passes; what is
shared in the room is not shared with us.  Edward James learns some
of the most important of life’s lessons that day:  that communication
breathes life into relationships and that we dictate our futures and are
truly not controlled by our past.  He enters the hospital waiting room
and sees his sister and future sitting together.

WRITER: Teresa Mitchell


Maybe It's in the Water          (11 min)

When Jim Bob Jr. went to sleep last night he hated girls, just as he
had every other day of his life. But something happened between the
hours of 10:37 PM and 6:42 AM that left him with a million questions.
What's a boy to do when the only person he can talk to is Jim Bob Sr.
(Tony Shalhoub) a demolition derby driver from Mesquite, TX. Written
and directed by Emmy nominee Randy Zisk and starring Emmy winner
Tony Shalhoub.

Tony Shalhoub  
Daryl Sabara  
John Carroll Lynch  
Donna Bullock  
Zac Gardner

PRODUCER: Shana stein


A Tale of Two Teens               (36 min)

A Tale of Two Teens is about the AIDS holocaust, as seen through
the eyes of an American teenager visiting an orphaned South African
teenager living in the epicenter of the pandemic. It is a journey of
discovery both for the two teens as well as the audience. This
documentary looks at how girls represent the new face of AIDS and
how young people in South Africa are not speaking out but singing
out about the disease killing their parents, teachers, neighbors,
workers and friends. A Tale of Two Teens features the music of the
resilient teenagers of the KwaZulu Natal Province as well as the Dave
Matthews Band--a band adored by both the South African and the
American girl. Together, Margaret and Sine see a continent in danger
of losing a gender as well as a generation. They learn why adults are
so silent in South Africa and about how there is a dangerous
complacency about AIDS in America. A Tale of Two Teens packs a
powerful warning about the disease which threatens their age group
and ends with a provocative plea from one who knows--a single
mother who has AIDS and who was, herself, infected as a teenager.



Occupation 101                      (84 min)

'Occupation 101' portrays a comprehensive analysis of the facts and
hidden truths surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and dispels
many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions. The film also
details life under Israeli military rule, the United States' role, and
sheds light on the major obstacles which stand in the way of a lasting
and viable peace. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict
-– ‘Occupation 101’ explains the situation in a comprehensive manner
and gives audiences a complete context in which to better understand
the Israeli-Palestinian encounter. The film depicts the root causes of
the conflict through Israeli, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, American, and
Palestinian voices that are rarely ever heard through mainstream
media outlets.

Sufyan Omeish, Abdallah Omeish

U S A / Palestinian Territories, Israel
Digital Video

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