Session 32               
Sunday June 11, 2006    3:00PM TO 4:45AM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Factor 8                            (92 min)

FACTOR 8 is about to take its place in history as one of the
most tragic pharmaceutical drug stories since Thalidomide.
Made from tainted blood bought from the Arkansas prison
system, Factor 8 infected thousands of unsuspecting
Canadians with HIV and hepatitis C—and the Canadians
were only the tip of the iceberg. Under the watchful eye of
the Department of Corrections and the Arkansas
government with Bill Clinton at the helm, FACTOR 8
uncovers the devastating human tragedy that took place
when blood tainted with viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS was
allowed to pass through the prison blood donation system,
sold to pharmaceutical companies and used to make a drug
that was given to hemophiliacs around the world. This is a
story of blood for profit, government cover-up and a
fundamental moral flaw that is shocking in its implications.
As more cases are discovered and the death toll continues
to rise, lawsuits abound and investigations begin again.
Kelly Duda’s dedication to the truth is an inspiration—this
expose wears his heart on its sleeve, refusing to let the
victims die in vain. - Natalie McMenemy, AFI

Kelly Dudda
(USA) Digital Video

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