Session 3               
Thursday June 8, 2006    4:15PM TO 6:45PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Mother              (17 min)

‘Mother’ is the story of two women irrevocably changed through a
chance encounter in a hotel one night. Carolyn, a dissatisfied Beverly
Hills housewife trapped by motherhood, has come to the hotel to have
an affair in a last ditch attempt at freedom. Lu, an independent street
woman, living alone in her van, is scavenging for food in the hotel
hallways. When Carolyn opens her door to find Lu eating off a tray,
she mistakes her for room service. Desperate to be rid of her child for
the evening, Carolyn drags Lu inside to baby-sit. As Lu observes
Carolyn’s behavior around the child, what begins as a vision of a
quirky, self-absorbed, yet fairly harmless mother reveals itself to be
much more threatening. Carolyn’s narcissism and disregard for the
child quickly escalates into a portrait of neglect. Lu finds herself drawn
to protect the baby girl, and in order to do so, she must make a
monumental decision that will change all three women’s lives forever.

Lauren & Madelyn Wesch (15 months old)
Angela Featherstone (“Army of Darkness”. “Seinfeld”,
“Friends”, “The Wedding Singer”, “Illtown”, “Skipped
Parts”, “Zero Effect”. )
Ashleigh Sumner ( CBS 'The Locket', 'Dawson's
Creek.', 'CSI' )
Halbert Bernal  
Alex Furth

DIRECTOR: Sian Heder
PRODUCER: David Newsom
(USA) 35mm



Barking Up The Wrong Tree    (5 min)

Tired of being harassed for his simple presence in a large tree, a
clown takes care of the problem.

Bill Elverman  (Clown)
Heung Wong  (Man)
Bill Elverman  (Clown)
Heung Wong  (Man)

(USA) Digital video


Mafiosa                       (30 min)

Vinnie “Little Whacko” Brazzi (49), a member of the Tony Soprano
gene- pool seeks out a new “Capo” to run the ageing mob family
successor dies suddenly after choking on a cheese-steak sandwich.

Mercedes, Vinnie’s daughter wants the position but the other families
would never accept a woman to run the family. The selection then
moves to an outsider, a cousin who graduated from Harvard Business
School and moved back to Sicily to take care of his family. However,
they could never be prepared for what or who walks in the door! A
woman! A very voluptuous woman, who turns out is Toni with an “I”.
But wait a minute –is it a woman?? Toni explains the disguise as the
best way to fool the feds, was to show up dressed as a woman.’

Toni proceeds to offer convincing advice on specific changes that can
be made to the Family’s operations so they can increase their profits.
Vinnie is obligated to back up his daughter’s story because she would
never lie! Uh, huh?

So, much to the skepticism of the other members of the family, Toni is
accepted as the new Don because no one wants to go up against
Vinnie who is convinced that Toni with an “I” is a man. However, Toni
has his/her work cut out for her as the other families are not likely to
be so accepting of this new guy who looks like a girl but is really a guy.

Robert Constanzo

DIRECTOR: Rafael Monserrate
PRODUCER: Michael Z. Gordon

Young Beautiful and Screwed Up         
(90 min)

Two teenage countryside boys with dreams bigger than life but totally
penniless meet a young posh Parisian girl and her racist boyfriend
who have lost their way on a short break to the wine region of
Bergerac. Maurice (Matthias Van Khache) falls madly for the girl (Elise
Perrier). He’s a gifted farm worker, terrorized by his boss (Richard
Bohringer) and has never experienced true love.

The girl’s boyfriend starts a massive fight at the village Saturday night
ball. He runs away with the girl. The boys decide to chase him in
Paris, get revenge and… make their dearest dreams come true in the
big city.

With the help of three street kids (like the three wise men, one of
African origin, one of Asian origin, one of Arab origin) they find the
boyfriend back through a network of crazy parties and pretentious
artificial crowds…..Only, he kicks them out.

They sleep rough, stay places they’re not welcome at, try their luck
with them most inaccessible people and girls, beg on the streets, and
dare almost anything completely fearlessly. In the meantime the
Parisian girl dumps her boyfriend. She dreams of another life in the
countryside away form the stressful city jobs. Maurice seems Mr Right
for he knew life…But he’s not ready to go back until he gets what he
came for. At the farm, there is great concern: the boss, worried and
angry has decided to go after them. He also wants to check on his
son who is supposed to study medical school and who’s been
behaving strangely lately. He suspects Maurice found shelter at his

Mathias Van Khache,
Mareva Galanter,
Stephane Soomongo,
Harve Lassince,
Martial Odone,
Elise Perrier

PRODUCER: John Hardy, Jean-Marie Poire,
Henning Molfenter, Claude Carrere

(France) 35mm

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