Session 28               
Saturday June 10, 2006    5:00PM TO 7:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St.  Boston
Journey into Sunset               (24 min)

In January of 2005 Academy Award nominated actor Don Cheadle
journeyed to Africa with a congressional delegation to bear witness to
the suffering of the Sudanese refugees living in camps in the desert
of Chad. It was an enlightening and heartbreaking experience for all
who went, and one that further opened Cheadle’s eyes to the
suffering that is commonplace in that continent. Six months later
Cheadle and his family were invited to attend a charity screening of
Hotel Rwanda for the children of Northern Uganda, called “night
commuters” who nightly flee their homes seeking refuge in large
camps in the cities to keep from being kidnapped and forced to fight
for the rebel Lords Resistance Army. “Journey Into Sunset”
documents these children’s lives. Some of them have been able to
avoid being kidnapped. Others who weren’t so lucky fought and
committed horrible atrocities and died at the will of their captors. More
than 30,000 children have been abducted into the LRA over the last 2
decades. It is a story that is largely unknown to the outside world. This
is also a story of how the lives of Don and his family were changed as
a result of the people, young and old, that they met and the things
they saw and heard.

WRITER: Rick Wilkinson
PRODUCER: Rick Wilkinson
(USA, Sudan, Chad) Digital Video



Cold Kenya                   (30 min)

A young Warsaw business tries to reconcile his newfound wealth and
success with the pain of Poland’s past. With an upcoming marriage
looming, he examined his life to see if he can share his doubts and
get his life back on track.

DIRECTOR: Laurence Walsh
PRODUCER: Michal Wulzynski



Hand of God                       (95 min)

HAND OF GOD is a unique and provocative look at Catholic clergy
abuse, told from the personal point of view of a survivor, his brother
(the film’s director) and their family.

The documentary burrows into hiding spots where comfort was found,
trust was built and vulnerability created. This is a poetic look into one
man’s journey from potential priest to scathing critic. It is about family
and community - and how intimate family life is also filled with silences.

The storyline begins in Salem Massachusetts in the 1950’s. The
abuse occurs in 1964 but is not revealed until some 30 years later
when Paul Cultrera encounters the Archdiocese of Boston. His
brother, director Joe Cultrera, narrates from the perspective of a
young person unconsciously recording.

As the years pass the director becomes an active participant. He
assists his brother’s investigations and the documentary itself creates
a dialogue within the family. During this process the Archdiocese
closes the family’s neighborhood church. The director and his father
find themselves in heated encounters with the clergy. They begin to
question their own holy ghosts.

HAND OF GOD is a frankly told tale about the abuse of power. Its
abstract visual approach reflects the internal struggle of someone
holding hard to old secrets. In balancing faith and anger, the subjects
survive with their humor intact.

The film never descends into expected depression. This is an
engaging portrait of one family’s attempt to regain its footing above a
crumbling corporate belief system.

DIRECTOR: Joe Cultrera
PRODUCER: Laura Corwin, Joe Cultrera
(USA) Digital Video

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