Session 22               
Monday June 12, 2006    6:00PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

Potential                               (20 min)

At the Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation, Dr. Ann Kiessling
performs one in a series of experiments taking the first look at Human
Parthenogenic Stem Cells. It is the first time this type of controversial
research has been performed in the United States. As she attempts to
artificially “activate” three unfertilized human eggs, she reveals new
insight into the life and work of controversial scientists. In the midst of
this work that may become illegal, Dr. Kiessling and collaborative
scientist, Dr. Jose Cibelli discuss their motivation, friendship and
taking risks.

Ann Kiessling, PhD  (Herself.)
Jose Cibelli, DVM  (Himself)
Lisa Fitzgerald  (Herself)
Allison Kiessling  (Herself - voice only)

(USA) Digital Video


Move Your World             (52 min)

Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda are regular Canadian teens. But they’
ve just won a contest that will send them halfway across the globe to
Tanzania, Africa!

Brand-new friends. The amazing sounds and smells of Dar es
Salaam. An incredible safari… with mating lions?  Yup. They’ve sure
come a long from Canada!

But the real reason for this trip is a serious one: they’ve come to see
for themselves the devastation that HIV/AIDS has on children’s lives.

Outside of Dar es Salaam, they meet Angelina and Veronika—two
little girls who are HIV positive. They’re poor. They’re ignored by the
government, their communities, even their own families. They are the
forgotten faces of HIV/AIDS. Stirred by what they’ve seen, Marie,
Kouroush and Chiminda promise to bring there stories back and move
the world to action.

Their stories will move your world, too.




Music is My Life,
Politics My Mistress             (110 min)

Winner of 9 Film Festival Awards

------Poet, jazz singer, stage actor, composer, trade union activist,
radio host and senatorial candidate, Oscar Brown Jr. was a self-
educated polymath whose voice, both musical and political, reached
the empowered and disempowered alike.  Born into one of Chicago’s
most respect African American families, Brown took personal and
professional risks few others dared to; at the height of his career as a
Broadway playwright and singer, he maintained an active affiliation
with both the American Meat Packers’ Association and the American
Communist Party.  This jazzy, high energy biographical portrait mixes
a masterful blend of archival and animated sequences and features
renowned friends and fans including Al Jarreau, Abbey Lincoln, Studs
Terkel and Amiri Baraka.  Irrepressible, outspoken and extraordinarily
talented, Brown lived life in the thick of things, and he made miracles
happen.  Music Is My Life, Politics My Mistress keeps his dancing spirit
alive.  -------By A. Carleton-Glen

Michelle Nichols,
Jean Pace,
Al Jarreau,
Abbey Lincoln,
Lu Vason,
Amiri Baraka,
Studs Terkel,
Vernon Jarrett,
Charles Weldon

DIRECTOR : Donnie L. Betts
PRODUCER: Donnie L. Betts, Mark Alston, Tarek Chacra

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