Session 21               
Monday June 12, 2006    3:00PM TO 5:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston

What's Love Doing In the Mountain     
(28 min)

Hasan, a young farmer from a small village in western Turkey, asks
permission to marry his lover, Ayse. Her father, the landlord of the
village, decides to test Hasan's courage and manhood by sending him
to the mountains in search of the “yellow beauty.” He must complete
his task before the sun sets and carry a bag of salt on his shoulder as
a symbol of his burden. Although Hasan doesn’t believe in such
traditions, he feels that he is obligated to prove his love for Ayse.
Leaving behind his family and friends, Hasan begins his trek up the
rocky mountains of provincial Turkey. On his journey, Hasan
encounters eccentric characters that challenge him to succeed: An
elderly married couple who incessantly argue about the correct path
to the top of the mountain; a man who has given up on his past
warning Hasan about the dangers of abandoning his dreams; a
temptress from the village who desires to steal Hasan’s affections
away from his true love and the most deadly character in his path, an
assassin hired to kill Hasan. Before he completes his journey, Hasan
must now risk his life in order to find the “yellow beauty” before the
day ends. Despite all of these obstacles, Hasan learns that in order to
be happy he must reject the blind traditions of the village, and take
steps of his own towards a future with his true love.

Burak Sarimola
Ezgi Asroglu  
Ozlem Cinar
Alican Yarka
Kemal Inci
Aydin Sigali  

WRITER, DIRECTOR: Yunus Emre Firat
PRODUCER: Emre Firat, Matthew Quezada



The Banker                       (12 min)

The Banker is efficient at his job- obsessively collecting, storing and
delivering deposits at the sperm bank. Donors file into their booths, fill
their cups, and collect their payment – while women at the fertility
clinic wait in anticipation and hope for the miracle of creation.

Each day the banker delivers the donations to his beloved nurse at
the fertility clinic - proud to see her satisfied with the daily quota.

Crippled by fear, he lacks the courage to ask out. Surely there is a
way he can express his devotion? A tale of unrequited love on a
grand scale.

Michael Sheen,
Jane Robbins,
Kieran O’Brien,
Chris Coghill,
Amerjit Deu,
Iain McKee

WRITER, DIRECTOR : Hattie Dalton
PRODUCER: Kelly Broad
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Trudie Styler, Michael Sheen



Special Thanks To Roy London          

Roy London, known as the 'guy everyone thanked at the Oscars' was
an acting coach who changed the lives of dozens of major Hollywood
actors. In interviews with over 50 people, including Patricia Arquette,
Hank Azaria, Elizabeth Berkley, Drew Carey, Geena Davis, Jeff
Goldblum, Famke Janssen, Garry Shandling, Sharon Stone, Patrick
Swayze and Forest Whitaker this documentary reveals the lessons
and inspiration that Roy London provided to a community of actors. In
never before seen footage Roy London shares his insight of what it
takes to be a star, and survive as a star. While the documentary
parallels Roy’s experiences and influences -- -- the film's real focus is
on the actors who coached with Roy and the behind the scene stories
they share.

Sharon Stone  (Basic Instint 1 & 2, Casino)
Garry Shandling  ('The Larry Sanders Show')
Hank Azaria  ('The Simpsons', 'Huff', Birdcage, Quiz Show)
Patricia Arquette  (''Medium', Holes, True Romance)
Geena Davis  (Thelma and Louise, 'Commander In Chief',
Stuart little)

DIRECTOR: Christopher Monger
(USA) Digital Video

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