Session 20               
Sunday June 11, 2006    9:15PM TO 10:25PM
Mass Art 621 Huntington Avenue Boston

Assupmtion                          (16 min)

John (JAMES DENTON) finds himself in the psychiatric ward of a
hospital with amnesia. He is the chief suspect in the criminal
investigation of an explosion at a local refinery. Doctors Crenvalt
(SCOTT THOMSON) and Utterborg (LENNY ROSE) are charged with
evaluating John's ability to answer questions that Detective Bonell
(DAVID ALAN GRAF) has about the explosion. When John claims that
he is from another planet, one doctor thinks he’s lying to avoid
prosecution; the other thinks he may be mentally ill. A nurse (SHAWN
LOCKIE) who lost her father in the refinery explosion is willing to risk
everything to make sure that John doesn’t get away with murder.

James Denton  (Desperate Housewives,
Threat Matrix, Philly, The Pretender)
Scott Thomson  (Clockstoppers, Twister,
Police Academy (1, 3 & 4), Fast Times
at Ridgemont High)
Shawn Lockie  (Carbuncle, Cain And Abel
(TV Pilot), Seinfeld (NBC), Cracker (ABC))
Lenny Rose  (Days Of Our Lives, General Hospital,
ER 'Friendly Fire', Seinfeld 'Airplane', Coach)
David Graf  (This Girl's Life, The Steve Harvey Show,
The Teenage Witch, General Hospital,)

PRODUCER: Christopher Keller, Matthew Klawitter, David Rodriguez


Rick's Head                        (5 min)

Rick McCartney, a sixty-year old failed actor, asks his son Sam to help
him get a part in Hamlet. It's 'to be or not to be' time, but Sam refuses
when he hears the bizarre plan. Undeterred, Rick kills himself and
returns as a ghost and haunts Sam into submission. It's curtains up in
three days and Sam has to dig his dad's body up, cut his head off and
swap it for Yorick's. Will Sam get Rick's head to the theatre on time?

Conor Morrison  
Mark Mulholland  (Ryan's Daughter, Far & Away,
The Boxer, The Honeymooners, Puckoon)

WRITER: Michael McCartney,
DIRECTOR: Stephen McGeough,
PRODUCER: Michael Kelly


Rogairi                               (16 min)

In 1763, an evil landlord vies to inherit the Rotherham estate via
nefarious means. His ruthless and diabolical crimes fall under the
scrutiny of a Celtic witch, who undertakes a terrible revenge against

PRODUCER: Catherine O'Flaherty


Zombie Prom                      (36 min)

ZOMBIE PROM is a 1950s horror comic book brought to life as a
musical comedy - a rollicking romp through America’s “Atomic Age”
and the Golden Age of horror comic books. Set in the fabulous
Nuclear 50s, ZOMBIE PROM is the musical tale of a sweet teenage
girl named ‘Toffee’ (a Gidget-type) and her ‘rebel without a cause’
boyfriend, Jonny. The two meet at Enrico Fermi High School and fall in
love, but the principal, Miss Delilah Strict (Stalin in pumps and a
dress!) intervenes, persuading the indecisive young Toffee to break
up with Jonny. Tortured by the betrayal, Jonny drives his motorcycle
to the nearby nuclear power plant, and in desperation flings himself
into a nuclear cooling tower! Guilt-ridden and alone, Toffee mourns
the loss of her true love, until the day when Jonny returns - risen from
the dead as a TEENAGE NUCLEAR ZOMBIE! The mass of
decomposing flesh professes his love and tells Toffee that he wants
her back. Toffee is racked with indecision, but Miss Strict refuses to
allow “zombie scum” in her fine institution. She states, “The Satanic
walking dead are strictly prohibited at Fermi High!” She even
threatens to cancel the senior prom. With the school in crisis,
questions mount.  Will Toffee take Jonny back? Will Miss Strict let
Jonny come back to school? Or will she cancel the prom, ruining the
most important night in the lives of the students of Enrico Fermi High?!

RUPAUL Charles  (The RUPAUL show - VH1;
The Brady Bunch Movie; A Very Brady Sequel;
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar;
But I'm a Cheerleader)
David Engel  (Best Little Whore House in Texas/
Broadway Stage: Forever Plaid; La Cage aux Folles;
Putting it Together; Seussical: the Musical)
Darren Robertson  
Candice Nicole




Satanic                              (90 min)

Michelle survives a car accident in which her father was killed. She is
sent to a halfway house, where she has bad dreams in which she
relives her father’s accusations about why she attacked another girl
who they were driving to the hospital and his grisly death. Her juvenile
record, her journal and her things all indicate she is a troubled youth,
into black magic and drugs. Michelle uses the ouija to try to contact
her dead father. A killer stalks her life, killing the other residents in the
halfway house, one by one. In the end, Michelle discovers she is not
Michelle but, but Kayla, the other girl, whom Evil-Michelle, the real
daughter, had befriended and was planning to kill in order to receive
immorality and punish her father. When Kayla survived the crash in
which the real Michelle disappeared, the doctors thought she was
Michelle and gave her Michelle’s face in reconstructive surgery. The
real Michelle has been stalking her to reclaim her immorality since
Kayla got it by mistake. They fight and one dies in a burning room.
The doctor’s must reconstruct the face of the survivor, who they think
is Michelle.

Jeffrey Combs (Detective Joiner)
James Russo
Angus Scrimm
Annie Sorell (Michelle)
Brett Erickson
Eliza Swenson (Dalia)
Brian Burnette
Rick Dean
Diane Goldner (as Diane Ayala Goldner)
Alicia Loren

DIRECTOR: Dan Golden
WRITER: Dan Golden, Ben Powell
PRODUCER: Barry Barnholtz
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