Session 2                
Thursday June 8, 2006    1:00PM TO 4:00PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Curtains              (16 min)

Svetlana is a restless, troubled woman desperate to find a safe place
to call home. Born in Russia, raised in Uzbekistan, lonely Svetlana
now finds herself cast adrift in America, on the run from a violent man
who brought her to the U.S. as his mail-order bride. Alone in the
world, she seeks refuge in a menial job at a dilapidated Queens
curtain shop, where she is employed by Lucretia, the shop’s cynical
owner. Tough-minded and taciturn, Lucretia has little patience for the
secrets of others, although she is no stranger to secrets herself. Over
time, as they work together, the two women forge an unlikely, uneasy
friendship. But their fragile alliance crumbles one winter morning,
when Svetlana believes her worst nightmare has become reality.
Convinced that she has seen her attacker at a convenience store
across the street from the curtain shop, Svetlana suspects that
Lucretia has betrayed her. A gripping cat-and-mouse game unfolds—
but who is the predator, and who is the prey? An explosive, haunting
film, Curtains is a dizzying real-time descent into the dark terrain of
betrayal—and its consequences.

Diane Hudock
(Films: Loveless in LA, A Life in Space, Blindness,
The Failures, Simone, Rennie's Landing, Coyote Ugly,
Evil & Upside Down, Use Your Head,
Hungry Hearts Television: She Spies (NBC),
Red Eye (VH-1), Running With Scissors (Oxygen),
Any Day Now (Lifetime) )
M.J. Karmi  
(Film: Flatbush, Talking With Stan, Cold Feet,
The Accountant, What Goes Around Comes Around.
Television: Guiding Light, Without a Trace, The Guardian)

(USA) 35mm


Placebo                                   (13 min)

PLACEBO is the story of Daniel (Jason Ritter), a diagnosed paranoid
schizophrenic, who has stopped taking his medication and is
struggling to decipher reality from his own delusions. The situation
becomes dire when Daniel returns home, with blood on his shirt, to
the only loving person in his life, his girlfriend Natalie. Convinced the
“bad men” are back, Daniel’s mental state becomes more fragile until
he reaches the familiar gates of insanity. Scared, confused, and with
a gun in his hand, Daniel frantically tries to convince Natalie to believe
him. Now it is up to Natalie to save Daniel and the life they have

Susan Spano  
Mark Berry  (Blade Trinity)
Jason Ritter  ('The Class', Happy Endings,
'Joan of Arcadia', Raise Your Voice, Freddy vs. Jason)

WRITER, DIRECTOR : Michael Steinbach
PRODUCER: Andrew Zilch, Joshua Brentano


Solace                       (14 min)

In a desperate attempt to comfort her own life, a mother (MARGOT
KIDDER) sends her troubled son Gunther (DARYL SABARA) to a
mental hospital for electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). Once admitted,
Gunther meets a doctor (ED LAUTER) whose unquestioned authority
becomes challenged when a nurse (MARGARET TRAVOLTA) allows
her kind nature to interfere with her ability to follow hospital protocol.
In an unstable environment, the line begins to blur between treatment
and torture, sanity and madness, right and wrong. What happens
when doing the right thing isn’t enough?

Daryl sabara  (Gunther)
Ed Lauter  (Dr. Marrow)
Margot Kidder  (Gunthers Mother)
Margaret Travolta  (Nurse Reynolds)
David Jean Thomas  (Dr. Kininon)
Kathy Bates  (Marrows Wife)

WRITER: Christopher Abiragi
DIRECTOR: Jonah Salander
PRODUCER: Justin Denino, Juan Melendez


Slow Time                    (23 min)

George and Brad cross paths at an abandoned gas station on a road
to nowhere. Both are running from the past and running on empty.
When a young couple with a full tank stops for directions, each man
will learn how desperate he is to make his escape..

Jon Alex  (Pray for Power (2001), Password (2000))
Charlie Broderick  (The Legend of Lucy Keyes
(2005), Mystic River (2003), Session 9 (2001),
Pray for Power (2001), 'Providence' (TV, 1999),
Next Stop Wonderland (1998), Celtic Pride (1996))
Kristen Grant  
David Connor  
Piere O'Halloran  
Joseph H. Harper, Jr.

DIRECTOR: Eric Harper
PRODUCER: Eric Harper, Julie Cancio
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Eric Harper, Robert Patton-Spruill
(USA) 16mm


Self Medicated                    (104 min)

Based on true events. Having recently suffered the unexpected death
of his father, seventeen-year-old Andrew Eriksen’s inability to cope
with the loss catapults him down a path of denial, self-loathing and
emotional entropy. Once a promising young scholar, Andrew finds
himself on a drug-addled path to self-destruction. Resentful of his
mother (Diane Venora) for her own drug addiction, Andrew withdraws
even further at a time when they need each other most. His mother’s
last resort is to hire a private company that kidnaps troubled teens
and places them in a locked-down and corrupt psychiatric hospital.
After being subjected to the secret physical and emotional abuses of
the program, Andrew discovers the only way he will come to terms with
the death of his father is to first face his own demons head-on.

Diane Venora  (Heat, The Insider, Romeo and Juliet, The Jackal)
Michael Bowen  (Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Magnolia)
Greg Germann  (Ally McBeal, Friends with Money, Jesus' Son)
Monty Lapica  
Kristina Anapau  (Cursed, Madison, Cruel Intentions)
Michael Mantell  (Artificial Intelligence: AI, A Mighty Wind, Secretary)

PRODUCER: Tommy Bell
(USA) 35mm

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