Session 12               
Saturday June 10, 2006    3:00PM TO 5:45PM
Mass Art 621 Huntington Avenue Boston
I Was a Dancer                      (5 min)

In this Cinema Verite-inspired short, form and movement become
haunting testimony for an elderly Japanese woman who can no longer
dance in a local festival.




Love You Joseff Hughes        (10 min)

On a remote Welsh island, an innocent game of catch leads Anna and
Joseff into an ancient graveyard. Venturing deeper onto the island,
their play evolves into an exploration of life, love and loss… “Love
you, Joseff Hughes” marks the first collaboration between director
Dan Hartley, winner of the Cannes 24hour film challenge, and Sandra
Gorel, a BAFTA award-winning producer. The screenplay was written
by Catrin Cooper and features Welsh actress Angharad Llwyd and
debut performances by Sioned Eleri Jones and Steffan Donnelly.
Cinematographer Stefan Stankowski, a renowned Camera Operator
on films such as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “Sleepy
Hollow”, made full use of the stunning Welsh vista and overgrown
graveyard locations by shooting 35mm widescreen. Using only natural
light, and delivering the film in black and white, he has created a rich
classical film framed with meticulous care and lit to compliment the
subtle beauty of Joseff and Anna’s story.

Principal Cast:
Sioned Eleri Jones  (Anna (child))
Steffan Donnelly  (Joseff Hughes)
Angharad Llwyd  (Anna (adult))

WRITER: Catrin Cooper
DIRECTOR: Dan Hartley
PRODUCER: Sandra gorel
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Sandra Gorel, Dan Hartley


Love Letter                    (17 min)

Welcome to planet 7th Grade, where a love letter to the girl of your
dreams can ruin your life, salami is the perfect diversion for a crazy
janitor, and memorizing Shakespeare makes you a loser, but just
might win you the girl. Thirteen-year-old Henry has finally found the
courage to tell Marisa, the girl of his dreams, how he feels about her
in a love letter. But when he accidentally leaves the letter in the boy’s
bathroom, he and his best friend Thomas must use all of their geeky
know-how to get the letter back. They break into the school at night,
crawling through air ducts to get to the letter. With the letter almost in
reach, the meanest bullies in school beat them to it. Henry’s hope for
true love is ruined and total humiliation is guaranteed. Henry goes to
school the next day only to find that the bullies have copied the letter
and plastered it all over school. Just when it seems like his chances
with Marisa are over, Henry uses Shakespeare to find the words to tell
her how he feels. Acting out a scene from As You Like It with Marisa,
Henry confesses his love for her in front of the whole class and wins
her heart.

Principal Cast:
Galvin Chapman  (Henry)
AJ Noel  (Thomas)
Alynia Phillips  (Marisa)
Nico Howard  (Jack)
Jordan Moser  (Darrell)
Sarah Lilly  (Mrs. Alpert)
Brian Tubert  (Delbert Grady, Janitor)

WRITER: Cynthia Jones
PRODUCER: Borga Dorter, Samantha Reynolds


Kind of a Blur                  (9 min)

After a crazy outdoor dance party in the mountains of Colorado, Joe
awakens in her car one morning to find herself inexplicably parked in
an empty field. Soon she finds Elias, her boyfriend and fellow raver,
conked out in a roadside ditch. But Elias has no better memory than
she of their late night adventures—except for one curious detail. He is
sure he wrote something important on the side of a cow. Quelling her
skepticism, Joe follows her quixotic lover up hill and down dale on a
haphazard pursuit for the farm animal in question… but it isn't long
before Elias uncovers evidence that in fact he has made a terrible
mistake. Perhaps even an indelible one. Will Joe, her frustration
growing by the minute, learn the sordid truth before Elias can clear
this little matter up?

Principal Cast:
Sandra Oh  (Sideways, Grey's Anatomy, Under the Tuscan Sun)
John Wright




The Perfect Life                  (82 min)

The Perfect Life is a portrait of childhood in Harlem, as seen through
the eyes of five former classmates at a private tuition-free grade
school. After experiences in different high schools, the students
reveal how the intervening years have brought new challenges and
obstacles to their lives, and to what degree they have been able to
meet them. The kids share a rare bond with the filmmaker – she was
their teacher in the 2nd and 3rd grades. This connection allows for
brutal honesty and candid disclosures about their teenage lives. Film
footage of them at ages seven and ten captures the open and
exuberant faces of children exploring their world. But flash-forward to
the present, and in their senior years of high school, they struggle
with their limitations while holding onto hope for the future – as Troy
says, 'to have a house, kids...the great American dream, the perfect
life”. At this pivotal juncture, the kids must rely on their own
resourcefulness to make the transition to adulthood, a difficult time in
the best of circumstances. As Natkhia says, “Because of the family I
grew up in, and my circumstances and stuff, I have no choice but to
be strong – because all I have is myself”. Following these five
characters over two years, The Perfect Life tells their story in their
own words and in the process reveals what is truly essential to the
concept of “No Child Left Behind”.

PRODUCER: Sam Lee, Nancy Roth, Selina Lewis

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