Session 1                
Wednesday June 7, 2006    5:45PM TO 8:30PM
AMC/LOEWS Boston Common: 175 Tremont St. Boston
Opening screenings and Gala Party
Day Of the Cabbage              (10 min)

'DAY OF THE CABBAGE!' is a giant-monster movie with an all
vegetable cast, the third in a series of 'Vegetronics' live-action mini-
epics. Shot on HD with real food, live vegetable characters act in
miniature sets with matzo buildings and graham cracker skylines. A
mysterious cabbage meteor crash-lands in a toxic supercrunch site,
mutating into a hideous monster that wreaks havoc on Matzoville.
Young Billy Tomato discovers the creature and tries to warn his father
Dr. Bell Pepper. Can Billy help BRANDCO corporation come up with a
solution to save Matzoville from being flame-broiled out of existence?

John Chetro-Szivos  (Dr. Bell Pepper)
Kiel Szivos  (Billy Tomato)
Coelynn McIninch  (Aubergina)
Matthew Krol  (Marshall Beet, pilots, Jimmy Corn)
Jeff Smith  (Onion Weatherman)
Jeff Warmouth  (various)

WRITER: Jeff Warmouth
PRODUCER: Jeff Warmouth
(USA) Digital Video



Myopia                                   (9 min)

Roommates Don (Kenan Thompson) and Ross (Josh Cooke) argue in
a restaurant about who will clean up the kitchen, but their argument
quickly turns broader. As they viciously accuse each other of neglect
and creating problems that are detrimental to the world at large,
neither of them notices that behind them, the environment is
degenerating, government oppression is intensifying, and a horrific
apocalypse is coming. Until the roommates are directly affected by
what is happening behind them, they never turn around and see the
horrible truth. While the roommates accuse each other, the film is not
meant to be argumentative, rather it is intended to exemplify the
manner in which people ensconced in minor issues lose sight of the
major issue at hand. The film creates many questions for the viewer
and does not allow the viewer to disassociate him or herself from the
problem. Exemplifying myopic tendencies, we have taken steps to
create two worlds in one frame. “Myopia” utilizes depth of field to let
the viewer decide what to focus on. Will the viewer, “see the forest
through the trees?” Or, will he or she look at the “trees” and miss the
“forest,” the “forest” being the real issue at hand. In conclusion,
“Myopia” is intended to be a unique presentation of the question:
“Are we so consumed with the mundane that we fail to recognize the
dire realities that confront us?”

Kenan Thompson  (Fat Albert, SNL, Barbershop 2)
Josh Cooke  (Crazy For You (TV))
Rachel Lawler  
Taylor Anne Mountz  
Delia Sweeny  
Eliot Shwartz  
Louis find  
Mila find  
Matt Beckett  
Judd Fish  
Holly Bonelli  
Avital Ash  
Jed Speer  
Austin Kemie  
Erik Stone  
Jordan Rouss  
Patrick Find  
Michelle Find  
David Medrano  
Jeff Mcdancer  
Ryan Ryusaki  
Buck Mcdancer  
Juan Carlos

WRITER: Mathieu Young
PRODUCER: D.J. Guenheim
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Joel Zwick, Alfred Rosenstein
(USA) Digital Video



Journey Into Sunset               (24 min)

In January of 2005 Academy Award nominated actor Don Cheadle
journeyed to Africa with a congressional delegation to bear witness to
the suffering of the Sudanese refugees living in camps in the desert
of Chad. It was an enlightening and heartbreaking experience for all
who went, and one that further opened Cheadle’s eyes to the
suffering that is commonplace in that continent. Six months later
Cheadle and his family were invited to attend a charity screening of
Hotel Rwanda for the children of Northern Uganda, called “night
commuters” who nightly flee their homes seeking refuge in large
camps in the cities to keep from being kidnapped and forced to fight
for the rebel Lords Resistance Army. “Journey Into Sunset”
documents these children’s lives. Some of them have been able to
avoid being kidnapped. Others who weren’t so lucky fought and
committed horrible atrocities and died at the will of their captors. More
than 30,000 children have been abducted into the LRA over the last 2
decades. It is a story that is largely unknown to the outside world. This
is also a story of how the lives of Don and his family were changed as
a result of the people, young and old, that they met and the things
they saw and heard.

WRITER: Rick Wilkinson
PRODUCER: Rick Wilkinson, John Prendergast
(USA, Sudan, Chad) Digital Video



Valley of the Heart’s Delight     (97
Though the country descends into the Great Depression, the
bountiful orchards surrounding 1933 San Jose, California continue to
sustain powerful economic forces. But not even a year has passed
since the infamous Lindberg kidnapping trial when the young heir of
the local Walsh & Son department store disappears and his body
turns up in San Francisco Bay. Two men are quickly, if wantonly,
arrested and held for the crime: an Italian immigrant and a hobo. The
powerful, dogmatic editor of the Valley Standard, Albion Munson (Pete
Postlethwaite), is convinced the local police have it right. But an
enterprising reporter, Jack Daumier (Gabriel Mann), doesn't think so.
He's seen the poverty just below the surface of the community and is
sensitive to the goals of union organizing. And when he starts asking
questions, more and more people line up to stop him: Munson, with a
reputation and ideology to maintain; local businesses eager to pin the
blame on unionizing troublemakers; local and state politicians
desperate to maintain the image of law and order; and lastly, the
community at large, easily frightened by the legacy of the Lindberg
trial and the immigrants pouring into the country looking for work.
When a lynching is planned to take the law into their own hands, the
powers that be sit back and wait for it happen. Jack Daumier is
desperate to stop it. The Valley of the Heart's Delight is a historical
drama based on a true story.

DIRECTOR: Tim Boxell
WRITER: Miles Murphy
PRODUCER: Scott Rosenfelt


Opening Night Gala Party 9:00pm

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Gabriel Mann
Emily Harrison
Diana Scarwid
Pete Postlethwaite
Bruce McGill
Tom Bower