Boston International Film Festival

Sunday, June 8, 11am – 12:30pm

Escape From the Fire – 13min
It is a cold, dark day in Nazi occupied Poland during 1943. Having just narrowly escaped
from a concentration camp, seven year old Avi races desperately through a thick forest
while being pursued by SS officers. He runs frantically trying to avoid capture. Avi decides to
find shelter in a large, broken down barn in the distance. Inside the barn, he is discovered
by a young girl, and both are frightened by the thought of being found: Avi by the Nazis and
the girl by her abusive father. These two abused children overcome immense danger, and
in their fight for survival, rediscover a little bit of humanity left in a world filled with evil and
Director, Producer, Writer: Joel Dunn
Producers: Daniel Spence, Kiri Carch

Dalai Lama Renaissance – 81min
At the edge of the Millennium, The Dalai Lama of Tibet invited 40 of the West’s leading,
most innovative thinkers in their respective fields to his residence tucked away in the
Himalayan mountains of Northern India to discuss the world’s problems and how we can
solve them. What transpired was unexpected and powerful, and was captured by an 18
person, 5 camera film crew. The Wakan Foundation for the Arts took its 18 person crew to
India and shot more than 140 hours of video footage during the week-long meeting and
exploration of the future of mankind-- enough gripping and beautiful footage to make a
powerful and cinematic documentary. The resulting feature-length documentary, “Dalai
Lama Renaissance,” is narrated by actor Harrison Ford
Director, Producer: Khashyar Darvich
Coproducer: David Mueller