Boston International Film Festival

Saturday, June 7, 10:30pm – 12:00am

Tryst – 6min
Victoria is on a routine business trip and decides to take an evening by herself, but she is
soon joined by man who has other plans and her trip takes an interesting turn.
Director, Writer: Barry Gribble
Executive Producer: Joy Haynes

Alternate Endings – 14min
Susan is a loner, a successful photojournalist who is never afraid to step into harm’s way
to 'get the story.' A last-minute assignment from her editor sends her once more into
action, but on this fateful day she steps too close, and is shot and wounded in a Los
Angeles gang clash. Essentially a prisoner in her home as she recovers from her injuries,
she is forced to deal not only with her estranged mother, but with the omnipresent
television images of the violent world in which she lives. Upon witnessing the near-
abduction of a child next door, she is flooded with memories, and must ultimately make the
choice to confront her painful past.
Director, Writer: Elisabeth Fry
Producer: John Duffy

You Better Watch Out – 22min
“You Better Watch Out” is a wickedly dark comedy about a department store Santa Claus
who is kidnapped by two disgruntled brothers who want to know why they never received
the presents they wanted throughout their childhood. And now they want Santa to pay for
all those disappointing Christmas mornings.
Director: Steve Callen
Executive Producers: David Minear, Jay Cassels, Jules Callen, Mike Green, Richard
Mehrtens, Roger Tompkins

Nina Quebrada – 23min
Niña Quebrada is the story of Lucena, a teenage girl who runs away from her family in
Mexico for the love of a boyfriend who promises her a better life in Los Angeles. The
reality, unbeknownst to her, is that she has stepped into a nightmarish world of child
prostitution and sex trafficking.
Director, Co-Writer: Jen Kleiner
Co-Writers: Danny Klein, Diana Romero

The Reckoning – 22min
This powerful thriller centers on the explosive confrontation between an emotionally
scarred young man named Bobbie (Steve Braun), who has carried a terrible secret since
childhood, and the man who betrayed him years ago (Jack McGee). Concerned that his
relationship with his girlfriend Gina (Julia Jones) has stalled, Bobbie knows one thing:
before they can go forward, he must go back – back to the moment his life changed
forever. And in doing so, Bobbie is stunned to discover his retaliation uncovers a shocking
new revelation.
Director, Writer: Rob Lawe
Producer: Monica Goss

Hole in the Paper Sky – 33min
Howard Ferp (Jason Clarke) is a brilliant yet misanthropic math and chess genius. He
leads a quiet, isolated life devoted entirely to his work. When his work study position is
eliminated he is forced to take a new job at the university Psycholgy department where he
meets two kindred spirits, Karen (Jessica Biel) and a doomed laboratory dog. Howard risks
everything important to him to save the dog and in return might just save himself.
Director, Co-Writer: Bill Purple
Producer: Michelle Purple

Al’s Beef – 35min
Barefoot, exhausted, and covered head to toe in blood, a mysterious woman wanders into
a desolate frontier town, causing a stir with the few remaining town folk and provoking the
ire of the local sheriff who is hellbent on cleaning up the town and making it a respectable
place to live. When the stranger takes off her hat and reveals a man's name cattle
branded into her forehead, it becomes clear to the town folk that she's got revenge on her
mind, and she won't stop looking until she finds the man that's done her wrong.
Director, Writer, Producer: Dennis Hauck
Producers: Aimee Barth, Jacob Motz