Boston International Film Festival

Saturday, June 7, 8:15pm – 10:15pm

The Night Divine – 5min
LO-FI SUGAR is an up and coming music artist on the LA music and art scene. She has
recently toured and recorded with world-renowned techno DJ, Paul Van Dyke. Co-
Directed by Jeremy Jed Hammel (AFI's DANCE TO THE OFFBEAT,) and Lady Ransom,
(AMBER PACIFIC,) with Cinematography by Michael Rizzi (ANGELS AND AIRWAVES,)
'The Night Divine' is Lo-Fi Sugar's first music video off her debut EP, 'The Divine Edit.'
Co-Director: Jeremy Hammel
Co-Director: Lady Ranson

St. Milly – 15min
At the age of twelve Milagros Cohen has a crisis of identity and faith. In her desperation
to fit in and to ensure her salvation, just like her blond haired, blue eyed, Catholic friends,
Milagros sets out to perform one glorious, heaven-worthy Miracle.
Director, Producer, Writer: Anelisa Garfunkel
Associate Producer: Seth Garfunkel

Crazy -106min
Inspired by legendary guitar player Hank Garland, Crazy is a story of musical genius,
passion, and betrayal. Emerging from the Nashville in the 50's, Hank had established his
brilliant playing in country, rock and jazz. But his adversarial relationship with the
Nashville Mob - those who controlled the music industry - caused him to be seen as a
trouble maker. From fighting for artist's rights, to bringing black, jazz musicians into the
restricted, southern music culture, Hank refused to compromise his pursuit for excellence.
However, it may have been his tempestuous relationship with his beautiful but wife,
Evelyn, which led to his final demise. After surviving a car crash, Hank was subjected to
electro-shock treatments which tragically ended his career at the age of 31
Producer, Director: Rick Beiber
Executive Producer: Ray Scherr
Writer: Brent Boyd