Boston International Film Festival

Saturday, June 7, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Murdering Mama’s Boy – 17min
Based on the short story by pushcart-prize winning novelist, Emily Raboteau 'Murdering
Mama's Boy' explores the life of an American-born Haitian girl named Marie-Michelle. On
her 13th birthday Marie Michelle attempts to kill Todd, the seven-year-old white boy her
mother takes care of and of whom she is obsessively jealous. After some childish attempts
on his life Marie-Michelle visits a Houngan and buys a death spell. The next morning Todd's
mother overdoses. Marie-Michelle guiltily wonders if her trip to the Houngan brought about
this calamity. She returns to the Houngan shop to atone for her sins and to reverse the
spell against Todd-- if it's not too late...
Director, Producer, Writer: Katherine Cunningham-Eves
Producer: Lauren Bratman

Walls Have Ears – 90min
Samuel Auguste, nicknamed "Papa Sam", is the head of a family of three in Boston.  He has
just won a two million dollar lottery, and he is obsessed with his newfound wealth.  At the
same time, his wife's niece, Tatiana Thomas, nicknamed "Toutou", shows up at their house,
seeking refuge from an abusive husband in flamboyant clothing, named "Don Pepe".  
Toutou has stories about how badly Don Pepe treated her.  The family, shocked and
angered, agree to help her.  Meanwhile, Don Pepe has followed Toutou to Boston, set on
bringing her back to New York.  He becomes embroiled in a fight for Toutou.  After a series
of unpredictable events, no one will ever be the same.
Writer, Director, Producer: Patrick Jerome