Boston International Film Festival

Saturday, June 14, 1:30pm – 3:00pm

This Much I Know – 24min
In this video, a teenage girl struggles to define her life and her illness in a marginal,
environmentally devastated neighborhood in Northern India. Inflected by her love of Bollywood
music, and driven by frustration over the quality of medical care available to her, this project
investigates the relationships between environment and medical practice - and between the
subject and the filmmaker - as it attempts to understand one young woman's experience.
Director, Producer: Bridget Hanna

Health, Money, and Fear – 46min
Produced and directed by a practicing emergency room doctor, "Health, Money and Fear"
addresses the following questions about our health care system: "Why does it cost so
much?", "What does it say about us?", "What can we do about it?".  There are numerous
perverse incentives, some subtle and some not so subtle, that drive up the cost.  These
include the mass marketing of drugs, the insurance industry, the dwindling supply of primary
care providers, developing technology, the fear of liability and our unreasonable expectations,
especially at the end of life.  Everybody is to blame.  It's more about fear and money than
health.  If nothing else, our healthcare system is a large conduit of wealth flowing in the wrong
direction, increasing our income gap, and, in some ways, worsening the health of our
Director, Producer: Paul Hochfeld