Boston International Film Festival

Saturday, June 14, 11:00am – 11:50am

Various Animation:

First Memories – 5min
A baby who has been in a baby carriage drops a baby bottle on the
street. The bottle opens and milk spreads out on the ground. At that
point a woman running from the opposite direction steps on the
spread-milk. Suddenly she falls into it. She is thrown into confusion
after she has come into the other space...
Director, Producer, Executive Producer: Soo Hee Han

Tott Tiff – 7min
A boy wants to play in his tree house, but it seems there are not any
children in his neighborhood to play with. Suddenly, he spots the girl
living next door. In a fit of desperation, he tries to make her his
playmate, but only manages to scare her away. The girl develops a
hate for her male neighbor, and devises a plan to capture his tree
house, and slay him.
Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Writer: Christopher Kim

Raccoon and Crawfish – 8min
A hungry raccoon searches for food and finds a crawfish on a quest
for glory. Their battle will decide the fate between an ego full of pride
or a belly full of food.
Executive Producers: Dale Rood, Ray Halbritter
Producer: Peter Golia
Co-Directors: Calvert J. Waller III, Heather Carpini, Karabo Legwaila,
Mark Edwards, Peter Hale, Shaun Foster

$1.11 – 15min
A loving father who is down on his luck and has no insurance to pay
for his sons opperation. He realizes that there is nothing he can do,
only a miracle can save him now. Amy, his 5 year old daughter over
hears her parents conversation and sets off on a epic adventure to
buy her brother a miricle with all of the money she has.. $1.11. This
heartfelt story will take you on a emotional rollercoaster through the
hard times of a close family.
Director: Colton Tran
Executive Producers: Fran Clements, Marian Clements
Writer, Producer: Rob Diamond
Producer: Joshua Pearson