Boston International Film Festival

Friday, June 13, 10:15pm – 12:15am

One Two Punch – 9min
Jack has to pick his girlfriend up from the airport. Instead he is assaulted, drugged, and
made to witness a game of smackass by two guys in rabbit suits.
Director, Writer, Producer: Timothy Anderson
Associate Producer: Richard Whede

Cosita Linda – 20min
Jennifer is a young girl who lives inside an environment of violence and oppression.  One
day, she gets in contact with an element out of reality that brings her the opportunity for a
change.  Now she will execute power and will get over her life.
Filmmaker: Fernando Fidel Urdapilleta Jimenez

The Proctor – 21min
Nothing in life is promised to us. Mike takes his real estate exam and ends up asking out
Sara, the proctor of the exam, to dinner. A beautiful relationship begins but is quickly
ended when she disappears without a trace . A disgruntled Mike moves on only to find her
one year later when showing new clients around an apartment. Sara is in a wheelchair and
he learns she has been in a coma from a car accident which occurred the night they were
supposed to meet.
Director, Producer, Writer: Peter Demas

Hanah’s Gift – 90min
Through the eyes of Hanah, we experience a normal, almost boring evening for Hanah
and her boyfriend, Toby.  It starts with laughter as a motley group of bickering, cranky
anger management members gather.  Hanah's night suddenly turns to screams as the
group is methodically attacked and hunted.  Hanah and Toby, protected by a female
firefighter, Tyler, escape and journey through a remote area of town, in a macbre game of
hide and seek.
Director, Writer: Zac Baldwin
Producer: Melanie Wise