Boston International Film Festival

Friday, June 13, 8:00pm - 10:00pm

The Seed - 12min
SUNG (Will Yun Lee) is a homeless veteran losing his mind on the banks of the L.A. River. Pursued by
unseen forces, fighting unseen foes, Sung is ostensibly 'just another lunatic.' But as his invisible war
continues, under bridges and in tunnels, we are taken deeper and deeper into Sung's nightmare mind.
Into a nightmare of conspiracy, cloaking and the government's unseen war. Sung struggles to fight
through what is visible to him, yet invisible to the world around him. Ordinarily, someone like this is
perceived as 'crazy'. Beyond what we can see, beyond what we don't want to, lies...THE SEED
Director, Executive Producer, Writer: Joe Hahn

Black Swarm – 92min
When a homeless man is stung to death by wasps in a small town, a pest exterminator is sent in to
investigate. He finds the local people have become strangely emotionless and, as further attacks occur,
realises the insects are controlling human minds to carry out a sinister plot. Horror, starring Robert
Englund and Sebastien Roberts.  Welcome to Black Stone, "The Township of Good Neighbors," and now
home to something more ominous: a pack of intelligent—and deadly—genetically-modified wasps.
Exterminator Devin Hall (Sebastien Roberts, Lucky Number Slevin) has seen a lot when it comes to
peculiar insect behavior, but nothing like this. The attack calls the attention of two women: Katherine
Randall (Jayne Heitmeyer, Earth: Final Conflict), associate professor of entomology; and Jane Kozik
(Sarah Allen, Secret Window) , new Deputy Sheriff and Devin’s former lover, who join Devin in his quest
to stop them. When Jane’s daughter Kelsey meets Eli (Robert Englund, A Nightmare on Elm Street), the
odd "wasp keeper," and other locals who show all seem to buzz, things get even stranger. Be afraid. Be
very, very afraid, if you see the Black Swarm approaching!  There something wrong in the sky…  
The lucky 13th feature film from SciFi veteran director David Winning on
Friday the 13th.
Filmmaker - David Winning