Boston International Film Festival

Friday, June 13, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Lifted – 29min
When Deena Justice fails the biggest audition of her life, she makes a choice that
lands her trapped in a subway station by a spirit named High John. High John
reveals to her that they only way she can break free of the subway is to jump
across the train tracks from one platform to the other. To Deena this is an
impossible task, but her other choice is to remain in the subway station forever.
Director, Writer, Executive Producer: Randall Dottin
Executive Producer: Joanes Prosper

Magazine Gap Road – 90min
High above the commerce and crowds of Hong Kong winds Magazine Gap Road, a
secluded enclave of wealth and privilege.  Samantha is a curator for a private
museum in this rarefied world, a world where her past (a life spent in the Japanese
flesh trade) is her most well-kept secret -- until it catches up with her in a single
phone call from Kate, another escort, who's in trouble.  For Samantha, helping
Kate means going back to the world she escaped and risking  everything - her
budding romance with a wealthy antiques collector, the deadly men who run Hong
Kong's high-class prostitution ring, and most importantly, her own fears that
beneath the veneer of respectability, she'll always be for sale.