Boston International Film Festival

Friday, June 13, 1:30pm – 3:30pm

A Days Work – 17min
What was a typical job escalates into a violent argument in this heart-stopping drama. Enrique is a
young man far from home trying to make a living wage as a day laborer on the streets of Los Angeles.
He thinks he has finally caught a break when an American couple picks him up, along with two other
immigrant laborers, to help them move. On the job he meets and befriends their teenage son, but
things take a turn for the worst when the father of the family attempts to pay the men with a check. A
simple misunderstanding explodes into a violent standoff. Hope and fear collide as Enrique weighs the
consequences of his actions and must decide where his loyalty lies.
Director, Writer: Rajeev Dassani
Producers: Charles Uy, Julie Sifuentes, Michael Tringe

Mexican Dream – 30min
This is the story of John Doe, a man seeking the American Dream.  When John was trying to cross the
border into Arizona, he was attacked and seriously wounded by a group of minutemen.  Years later,
he is working as a night guard in an underground parking lot, hoping to return to his home in
Guerrero to see his family, but he is constantly tormented by memories of his past and a series of
strange events that will make him realize that his life is a nightmare.
Director, Producer: David Michan
Producers: Gerardo Ramirez, Nestor Sampieri