Boston International Film Festival

Thursday, June 12, 9:30pm – 11:30pm

PB (Planta Baja) – 6min
Four very different characters meet in an elevator. Three of them, a YUP
executive, a designer and a Police officer are secretly and individually warned
about a killer “wearing blue”. A calm nervousness begins to show. Meanwhile, the
fourth passenger, a delivery man, listens loudly to salsa music through his
headphones, completely unaware of the situation. Tension continues to grow
inside the elevator walls: all of them are dressed in blue. By the time they reach
the Lobby, they may understand just how much they have in common.
Director, Writer, Executive Producer: Pedro Blanco-Uribe

Paper Tiger – 84min
An elderly man, Torakichi Takida, is running an illegal gambling hall for
Hanafuda, a Japanese card game. Now, he is beginning to suspect that his
beautiful lover and henchman Kuma may be in love, he hires a cold-blooded
private investigator to investigate their relationship. As he had suspected, their
relationship turns out to be 'troubling.' Driven mad with jealousy, he orders the
investigator to 'fix' this problem. While waiting to hear from the investigator, his
anger is turned on Momofuku Hanazawa, a regular at the gambling hall with a
mountain of debt. This is the latest film from director Hiroshi Toda, depicting the
'love' and 'lust' of those who live outside of society. The entire film is
appropriately shot in his favored film-noir style.
Director, Producer, Writer: Hiroshi Toda