Boston International Film Festival

Thursday, June 12, 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Tribute: Stanley Tookie Williams
1953-2005 – 91min
TRIBUTE: Stanley Tookie Williams, 1953-2005, a provocative and moving documentary examining
condemned prisoner, Crips co-founder and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Stanley Tookie Williams, who
was tortured to death on December 13, 2005, by lethal injection at San Quentin. It took him 35 minutes
to die. TRIBUTE includes filmed scenes from a staged reenactment of that botched execution. The
reenactment—as well as TRIBUTE—were produced and directed by writer Barbara Becnel and
producer Shirley Neal, longtime friends of Williams. It was based on their real-life experience in that
death chamber. TRIBUTE also includes controversial eulogies by Snoop Dogg, Tony Robbins and
Louis Farrakhan—speaking at Williams’s memorial service—and never-before-seen footage of his
ashes scattered by Becnel and Neal in South Africa, as he wished.
Director, Producer: Barbara Becnel
Director, Producer: Shirley Neal