Boston International Film Festival

Thursday, June 12, 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Plastic Flowers Never Die – 32min
The war with Iraq was the largest mobilization of the Iranian population, achieved primarily
by producing and promoting a culture of martyrdom based on religious themes found in Shii
Islam. Martyrdom became state policy. Khomeini made it clear the war was a spiritual one
that the people, and not a professional army, would fight. Over 800,000 people died.
Anthropologist, writer and filmmaker Roxanne Varzi spent twelve years researching and
writing about post-Revolution public culture in Iran. As an Iranian-American who was born in
Iran and left shortly after the Revolution She found that her initial concerns about language,
culture and beliefs were not what separated her from her Iranian family. What made her
different was the fact that she had missed the war with Iraq. This is her meditation and
mourning of a war that she may have missed,
but found omnipresent in its aftermath all over Iran.

Director, Producer, Writer: Roxanne Varzi

Summer Scars – 73min
In this dark coming-of-age thriller, six fourteen year old kids skip school to play in the woods
where a power struggle emerges between the two rival leaders, BINGO and PAUL. Who will
be first to ride the stolen moped and who will be first to impress LEANNE, the only girl in the
group? After a hit and run incident involving the bike, the kids are befriended by the victim;
a drifter named PETER who recruits the boys in a military style game designed to test their
endurance. But as Peter's behaviour becomes increasingly aggressive, the kids are forced
to settle their differences and embrace the dark side of human nature if they are going to
survive the ordeal.
Director, Producer: Julian Richards
Writer: Al Wilson