Boston International Film Festival

Wednesday, June 11, 8:45pm – 10:00pm

This Beautiful City – 90min
Friday night in Toronto’s lower west end. Chatter from a dinner party in Harry and
Carol’s nouveau riche condo drifts through an open balcony door, as two freebase
cokeheads, Pretty and Johnny, have a party on their own in the alley below. As the
dinner guests leave, the hostess is nowhere to be found. Until, a wet thud and a
sharp scream rise up to the balcony. Pretty stares in horror at Carol’s body,
splayed on the alley floor, as Harry screams for help from above. The sharp burst
of police sirens sends the cokeheads running as Peter, a middle aged police
officer, sprints from his cruiser to check Carol’s vitals. Beautiful things can happen
when you hit rock bottom.
Director, Producer, Writer: Ed Gass-Donnelly
Executive Producer: Lee Kim
Producer: Aaron Poole