Boston International Film Festival

Wednesday, June 11, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

The Stag Hunt – 22min
A Hitchcockian thriller from the team behind the Web-based hit The Norman Rockwell Code...
Former National Security Agency scientist Byron Lazlo (Chase Bailey) is a winner. Whether he's
trying to beat a speeding ticket, playing poker or betting on a horse race, Lazlo always knows
how to calculate the odds and win. His friend and attorney, John Bandini (Writer/Director Alfred
Thomas Catalfo), is mystified by Lazlo's amazing luck until he hears a strange story from Harold
DeWitt (Gregory Athans), a deranged and dangerous client - a story which may explain the
secret behind Lazlo's ability. With DeWitt hunting them, Lazlo and his niece Eva (Grace
Denoncourt) lead Bandini into a shadowy world of probability theory, quantum mechanics, a
clandestine Government program and murder.
Director, Producer, Writer: Alfred Thomas Catalfo
Producer: Marc Dole

Ablution – 21min
“Ablution” is a tense, psychological drama that examines Jewish and Muslim hatred and the
human hearts capacity for change. Ibrahim comes to Buenos Aires on a suicide mission, seeking
to avenge the death of his brother at the hands of Israeli soldiers. A Jewish shopkeeper and her
family, the Bielaks, are dealing with their own loss when Ibrahim walks into their store and triggers
a series of events that forces both parties to come to terms with their notions of revenge and
forgiveness. Using the real-life 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos
Aires as a jumping off point, “Ablution” fictionalizes Ibrahim’s story and asks the question
“what if…”.
Director, Producer, Writer: Dan Searle
Producer, Writer: Alberto Zeni

The Art of Travel – 100min
CONNER LAYNE is on top of the world. He is graduating high school as valedictorian and
receiving a full scholarship to attend Cal Berkeley in the fall. Even better, he’s about to marry his
childhood sweetheart. Life seems to be going in the ideal direction until his marriage comes
crumbling down at the altar. In the wake of his disaster, Conner still decides to take the
honeymoon solo to Central America. While on his trip, he joins an expedition going through the
Darien Gap: 125 miles of jungle that separates North from South America. The Art of Travel is
about the twists and turns in the jungle of life. Inside these moments are new friends and
adventures, even in the wake of our darkest moments.
Director, Producer: Thomas Whelan
Producers: Brain Labelle, Carol Masterson, Christopher Masterson, Emyr Graciano