Boston International Film Festival

Tuesday, June 10, 9:30pm – 11:00pm

Siri Oko Fo – 10min
Eme arrives from Nigeria unannounced at her brother and niece's home in Harlem and soon finds out
he has been keeping a secret which she believes is against god, nature and tradition. Does she
continue to love him or does she take tradition into her own hands?
Director, Co-Writer: Heather Murphy
Executive Producer, Co-Writer: Ebbe Bassey

Bi the Way – 93min
Recent studies are suggesting that bisexuality is drastically more widespread than is reported in
census counts. The iron curtain between gay and straight is crumbling. The Bible belt is being
unbuckled. And for young people, dating a girl one week and a guy the next is no big deal.
Journeying through the changing sexual landscape of America, the directors of BI THE WAY
investigate the latest scientific reports and social opinions on bisexuality, while following five members
of the emerging 'whatever generation'— teens and twenty-somethings who seem to be ushering in
whole new sexual revolution.
Director, Producer: Josephine Decker
Director, Producer: Brittany Blockman
Co-Director, Producer: Martha Shane