Boston International Film Festival

Tuesday, June 10, 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Things With No Name – 85min
Set in a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site in rural South Africa, Thing With No Name is
an intimate portrait of two HIV+ women as they begin recently introduced antiretroviral (ARV)
treatment. Danisile responds well to the medications, while Ntombeleni experiences the
delirium and difficult side effects that are a strong source of controversy within the Zulu
community. Univeral aspects of motherhood and survival are explored, from Danisile’s
strained relationship with her teenage daughter, who secretly fears joining South Africa’s 1.2
million orphans, to the traditional ceremonies that Ntombeleni’s family holds to combat her
illness in their own way. This film reveals the private and public obstacles that have led to an
out of control, and still unspoken of epidemic
Director, Co-Producer: Sarah Friedland
Co-Producer, Collaborator: Esy Casey
Co-Producer, Collaborator: Phumzile Ndlovu