Boston International Film Festival

Saturday, June 7, 10:30am – 12:45pm

Vile – 31min
An obsession for revenge drives police officer Hunter Ralston to hunt down Edward
Keller, the man who abducted and murdered his son. After his son's death Ralston
resorts to alcohol and drug abuse, ultimately losing his job and his wife. He is misguided
in believing that his only hope for redemption is to kill the enigmatic Keller, who is
cunning in his methods of treachery. Once Ralston catches Keller he finds that he lacks
the courage to kill Keller himself. The events that follow lead both characters to an
ominous conclusion that is unexpectedly fitting.
Director, Producer, Writer: Will Simmons
Co-Producer: Joe Conforti

Across Dot Ave – 110 min
Kevins Hearns needs to quit smoking, but it's going to be tough with the new apartment
that needs a renovation, his high-pressure Wall Street job and a less than
understanding wife. To make things even worse, Kevin is called home to Dorchester, a
tough town south of Boston where he roamed the streets in his teen years with a gang
of marauding skinheads. An alcoholic father, a hateful sister and her husband, and a
beloved kid sister on the brink of trouble remind him why he got out. Based on actual
events, 'Across Dot Ave.' is a stark, violent and brutally honest look inside the world of
racist skinheads, troubled families and people who have given up on their dreams and
Director, Writer: Mark Ezovski
Producer: Rebecca Gallagher