Boston International Film Festival

Tuesday, June 10, 3:00pm – 5:

American Fisheries – 39min
American Fisheries explores the complex and violent
history of the 500-year-old North Atlantic Cod Fishery.
From England to Iceland to Canada to the US,
scientists have announced that 90% of fish worldwide
today are gone due to over fishing. This film explores
the historical battleground of the fishing industry and
brings to light one of the most significant
environmental disasters in history. With never-before-
seen footage and vibrant personal stories, ?American
Fisheries? takes you on a journey inside the
battleground of special interest groups,
environmentalists and government regulators who are
fighting to control the use of an already exhausted
Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer: Bailey

Young & Restless in China – 100min
YOUNG & RESTLESS IN CHINA is a groundbreaking
documentary that follows the lives of nine young
people over four years as they struggle to find their
way in a country changing faster than any in history.
Raised under communism, they are now making their
way in China's blazing capitalist economy. Their
stories of ambition, exuberance, crime and corruption
are interwoven with moments of love, heartbreak and
passion. Together they capture the changing values,
hopes and dreams of a pivotal generation.
Writer, Director, Producer Sue Williams