Boston International Film Festival

Monday, June 9,  9:00pm – 10:45pm

Time to Leave – 27min
Tomas, a man who has diabetes, witnesses an accident, in which a car runs over a
woman.  Then, when he tires to help her, he finds out about Ivan, the woman's son.  
Without expecting it, Tomas becomes involved in a trip searching for Ivan's father.
Director, Writer: Miguel Salgado

Familiar Voices:
A Reaction to the Crisis in Darfur – 77min
'Familiar Voices' is an independently financed, feature length, non-profit
documentary covering reactions to the ongoing crisis in Darfur. Its purpose is to
empower, not overwhelm, its audiences; to engage those audiences in a respectful
dialogue, rather than wagging its finger at them; and to help those audiences clearly
understand their relationship to this crisis. Through voices and visuals connected
with Nobel Peace Prize winners, soldiers, Darfuri refugees, celebrities, humanitarian
aid workers, politicians, university level (and fifth-grade) activists, and others, old
messages regarding responsibility and hope are delivered in new ways - ones that
are direct, concrete, and accessible. It includes: interviews throughout the U.S. and
Canada; protests throughout the U.S.; and footage from South Darfur, Eastern
Chad, and the Central African Republic
Director, Producer - Danny Mendoza
Executive Producer: Mimi Belt
Executive Producer: William J. Gonzalez