Boston International Film Festival

Monday, June 9, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Janey Mary – 20min
Janey Mary is a short film based on the original short story by famous Irish author James
Plunkett. It tells the story of a young five year old girl in 1940's Dublin, Ireland, who is sent
out by her mother onto the cold and wet winter streets to beg for food. In her desperate
search for food she misses school and remembers that she's also going to miss her old
friend Fr. Benedict, the Augustinian priest. Her search leads her to where a large crowd of
people are queuing outside the Augustinian Church waiting for bread rations to be handed
out. It is here, in the mad scramble for food, that little Janey Mary is trampled on and left for
Director, Producer, Writer: Paul Brady

Democracy in Dakar – 70min
African Underground: Democracy In Dakar explores the transformative role of hip-hop on
politics in Senegal, West Africa during the February 2007 presidential election campaign.
Looking at the election through the eyes of hip-hop artists around Dakar, Senegal's capital,
this documentary mixes interviews, freestyles, and commentary from journalists, artists and
politicians. Senegalese society is seen on the brink of democratic change, where hip-hop
artists are one of the few groups un-afraid of speaking out, despite real attempts at
intimidation. Originally shot as a series of shorts distributed via the internet, African
Underground: Democracy In Dakar explores the boundaries of guerrilla-style film production
& distribution.
Producer, Co-Producer: Benjamin Herson
Co-director, Co-Producer: Chris Moore
Co-Director, Co-Producer: Magee Mcllvaine