Boston International Film Festival

Monday, June 9, 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Urban Genesis – 15min
After serving 20 years in prison, Clifford comes home to live with his daughter,
Keisha, in hopes of making up for lost time. But the road to redemption will be
harder than he thinks when he realizes that he has to deal with Keisha's live-in
boyfriend, Boris, who is a mirror image of Clifford as a young man
Director, Writer: Larry Bryant
Producers: Nabila Lester, Rain Breaw

Finding Our Folk – 60min
The Finding Our Folk Tour, organized by high school and college students,
sought to use the tools of education, documentation, healing, and organizing to
explore and discuss the conditions that led to the devastating impact of Katrina;
to join the voices of resistance, the veterans of past and continuing movements,
with the voices of Hip-Hop, Blues and Jazz; to celebrate African and indigenous
cultures as they have been expressed in New Orleans and through out the world;
to reconnect the individuals, families and communities that were scattered across
the country, living in exile. The tour visited 8 cities, gathering 150 to 400 people,
a combination of displaced hurricane survivors and local community members.
Young people documented all aspects of the tour. This is their story.
Filmmaker: Omo Moses