Boston International Film Festival

Sunday, June 8, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Super Slice – 6min
Super Slice highlights the crime-stopping adventures of Pizza Man, played by Louis
Vanaria, best known as Crazy Mario in A Bronx Tale.Super Slice is a comedy adventure
much in the vein of audience favorites like Spiderman, except instead of web slinging,
the hero of the film packs his punch with a slice of pizza.
Director, Cinematographer: Stephen Franciosa, Jr.

Bluebeard – 17min
Based on the classic folktale, 'Bluebeard' follows the story of two sisters. When a rich
mysterious stranger, Bluebeard, asks for the eldest daughter's hand, she disappears
without a trace. Bluebeard then comes for the youngest daughter. The youngest
daughter is taken to Bluebeard's wealthy estate where she begins to search for her
sister, stumbling upon the mystery of a hidden key and a secret chamber.
Director, Writer: Jessica Fox
Producers: Barbara Seidl, Gary Henoch

Shadow Worlds - 18min
Gangs, addiction, and alienation... where is the love? American culture becomes a dark
dreamscape in these three short stories about young Khmer women struggling to keep
their identities alive. Living in the shadows of their Cambodian traditions takes on a
surreal life of its own as they try to reconcile the conflicts of coming of age in two very
different worlds.
Director, Cinematographer: James Higgins

Kissing Cousins – 98min
Amir works as a 'relationship termination specialist.' Translation: professional
heartbreaker. His best friends are convinced he is incapable of having a relationship
because of his job. All that changes when his attractive cousin comes to town and
masquerades as his girlfriend. Complications and hilarity ensue
Director, Writer: Amyn Kaderali
Producer: Manish Goyal