Boston International Film Festival

Sunday, June 8, 4:00pm – 5:45pm

Pink Shorts - 9min
After a girl purchases a pair of pink shorts that God Himself instructed her to buy,
they become her most prized possession. She wears them always...until one day
when God has a change of plans. As the girl endures this trial of faith, the purposes
for God's actions are finally revealed, shocking everyone who attends the local
Director, Writer: Jeffrey Hustion
Producer, Executive Producer: Kevin L. Anderson
Executive Producer: Mark Steele

Song of David – 20min
David is a soul searching Hassidic Jew studying to become a Rabbi in a Los Angeles
Yeshiva. Alienated by the hypocrisy of the social boundaries that enclose him, he
reaches out to the only non-Jew he knows. Winston, an African American security
guard at the Yeshiva shares his love of hip-hop with David. Obsessed with this new
found form of musical expression, David indulges his artistic freedom with honest
self-expression. These secular views are at odds with his religious mentors, and he
must make a choice between diverging worlds.
Director: Oded Turgeman

Forgotten Ellis Island – 62min
With immigration again the focus of national debate, "Forgotten Ellis Island" provides
a unique lens on this timeless issue.  It is a powerful tribute to the best and worst on
America's treatment of its newcomers.
Filmmaker: Lorie Conway