Boston International Film Festival

Saturday, June 14, 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Bocce - 4min
At the bocce courts in Boston's North End, a group of elderly Italian-Americans meet every day
for bocce ball and camaraderie. Two of the regulars demonstrate and explain their passion for
the place and the people.
Director, Producer, Cinematographer: Jean Nagy

Sour - 50min
'Sour' follows two groups of Arab and Israeli skaters meeting for the first time, breaking culture
barriers and sharing a united passion for skating and life. Filmed by executive producer and
director Nathan Gray, 'Sour' was shot in neighboring countries Jordon and Israel during the
Israel/Lebanon conflict of 2006. 'Sour' captures an important viewpoint that the news reports
missed: a window to acts of peaceful rebellion, community action, and outreach that unify
people who to come together and do what most politicians only talk about. In essence, Sour is a
film about doing what you love with people you are not supposed to like
Director, Executive Producer: Nathan Gray
Producer: Sean Scarritt